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HDFree Yes! Mr. Fashion - 是!尚先生

Yes! Mr. Fashion - 是!尚先生 - Ep28 END

Category: China Drama 2016
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy
Status: Ep28 END Country: China
Broadcast: Hunan TV Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
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In order to find out the truth about his mother's death, the heir of Feng Shang Group Shang Bo Ran (Chen Xue Dong) joins a fashion magazine publisher while hiding his identity. There he meets his rival at work, the naive and optimistic Lu Xiao Kui (Ouyang Nana). Due to a strange combination of circumstances the two bickerig colleagues end up living together and gradually fall in love with each other.
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40 comment(s)
elize 190 days ago
please upload episode 25 to 28 with English subtitle
elize 195 days ago
please add download link for ep 22 & 23
S 225 days ago
please sub rest of the episodes
elize 233 days ago
please sub the rest ep
elize 242 days ago
ep 8 download link please
elize 254 days ago
download link ep 4 please
Seteeeee 255 days ago
Fast please!!!
Banana 255 days ago
Eng sub fast please
soo 257 days ago
Admin please continued subbing this
elize 262 days ago
please add link download....tq
Shipra 270 days ago
Admin pleaseee sub it nd uplod all episode plsssss
Chanez 272 days ago
When is the sub for ep 3
soo 272 days ago
Dear Admins please upload and sub the other remaining episodes thanks
blah 273 days ago
why do ppl have to translate jia you as fighting? they should just translate it as Add Oil!
Sekya00 274 days ago
So slow😭 where is the eng sub??
elize 282 days ago
when the sub for next episode????????
Koko 285 days ago
So sloww
bunny 286 days ago
hi admin plzzzzzzzz eng ssubbbb
jo 287 days ago
may 288 days ago
wheres the sub for next ep
Fan Jie Ning 291 days ago
These first two episodes had me laughing thanks for all your hard work Admin hopefully you continue subbing 加油!
bee 292 days ago
how many episodes are there
bee 292 days ago
i meant at 1.03
bee 292 days ago
who is the actor at 1.01
bee 292 days ago
oh my days im laughing soo much. thx for the 2 episodes that are subbed, will be waiting for the rest thx :)
GhabkUlit 293 days ago
Engsub plssss for ep3-8..
GhabkUlit 294 days ago
another drama to watch..super funny
Febri 294 days ago
Finally...thanks admin for the subs
Still waiting for next ep to be subded
bunny 294 days ago
hi admin thanks for the efforts can you please sub this drama little faster please :)
bunny 295 days ago
hi admin thank u for subbing but can u please sub remaining episodes little faster
a 295 days ago
Thx was looking for this
Mimi 295 days ago
Thx a lot, Admin.
Febri 301 days ago
When is eng sub be available
Afa 301 days ago
English sub please
elize 308 days ago
English sub please.......!!!!!
Anna 311 days ago
English sub please! 😊
Febri 311 days ago
Can wait for eng sub please admin
Bunny 312 days ago
Hi admin can you plz sub this drama cant wait to watch it
Preppy 313 days ago
English sub please! 😊
Pink 313 days ago
pls make sub for this drama. I try to find eng sub :) thank you in advance
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