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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - 역도요정 김복주 - Episode 16 (Sub)

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106 comment(s)
Jorelle 67 days ago
Admin? Please help me T_T why is it i can't download episode 10? T_T
Jorelle 67 days ago
I want to finish watching it T_T
Jorelle 67 days ago
Crying right now T_T HUHUHU
Jorelle 67 days ago
I can't download episode 10 T_T whyy??
Admin 72 days ago
@YangYang | click on the download button, you will be redirected openload.co, click the download button again, close pop ads, wait afew second you can get the video
YangYang 72 days ago
How do I download the video? Help pleaaase
Wendy 72 days ago
Aya 72 days ago
Whattttttt this is the end already??? :(
Adyaa 72 days ago
thanks joe
Joe 72 days ago
Oh no why would you let us wait and tell us no subs admin?? :(
Adyaa 72 days ago
admin why are there no subs tonight??
Admiin 72 days ago
Admiin 72 days ago
No subs tonight
Sparky 72 days ago
Omg relax everyone. The subs will surely come out soon enough and whining won't make any difference. It takes time to provide good quality translations and they do their best to provide them as fast as they can.
Null 72 days ago
Atleast admin will tell us how many hours left to sub ☹️😑😑
Dara 72 days ago
Admin have u abandoned us?
Dara 72 days ago
Dara 72 days ago
Admin i have question?
Bun 72 days ago
Need subs pleaseeee im dying
Bun 72 days ago
Still no subs? But it is the last episode. Faster admin :'(
Patty 73 days ago
When will subs come out admin? 3 hours? T,T omo~
fighting 73 days ago
Yay we will wait thank u admin!!
Admin 73 days ago
@fighting | We will updated engsub asap. Be patient
fighting 73 days ago
R u there admin? :(((
fighting 73 days ago
Eng sub please thank you admin fighting!!
Mr.reverse 73 days ago
Update us as to when subs are available pls 😊😊😊
chubs 73 days ago
hi!! when will the subs be up?? thank you so much!! :D
Layzzie 74 days ago
when is next episode?
Lee Shin Nae 78 days ago
When's the release of the final ep (16)?
Admin 78 days ago
@Maira | Pls try to use Google Chrome. We will add server and download link shortly
Maira 78 days ago
Why can´t I see the subs? not serve 1, serve 2 or download option either
Mmayli 78 days ago
Admin what's up with the pop up ads please can you remove them thank you
Admin 79 days ago
@Robina | Some ads are so bad, it's really annoying, we're trying to stop it, apology
Admin 79 days ago
@chubs | pls wait about 2-3 hour
chubs 79 days ago
english subs please for ep15 thank youuuu!!!!
Robina 79 days ago
admin why I'm redirecting to ads whenever I play video. . Please fix it.
Admin 79 days ago
@pyoongpyoong | try again
Dokkaebi 79 days ago
Why can't I see the subs?
pyoongpyoong 79 days ago
why is there no subs yet uri admin? huhuhu
null 79 days ago
admin when are the subs coming out?
komala 85 days ago
Hi admin why there is no episode 14 ya?
Null 86 days ago
Why I can't see the scenes in the preview in ep 12 in ep13?
😄Anindita😄 87 days ago
As I've waited a whole week so I can wait a little bit longer for the sub...though what is the highest time u will take for updating sub Admin..?
Salmanim 87 days ago
Admin where is the raw ep 13??
Anindita 90 days ago
Ohhh....it worked...😀😁Thank you Admin..u r the best 🤗😄
Anindita 90 days ago
Ok...I'm trying...kumapta
Admin 91 days ago
@Anindita | We fixed. Pls try again
Anindita 91 days ago
Can u please fix that?😓🙁
Anindita 91 days ago
Why isn't there any sub after downloading it...Admin....plzz check that..Thank you 🙂😯😔
Kurdish 91 days ago
Download section doesn't work :(
Ryan legnacra 92 days ago
When I start to play the episode after a few minutes it will go to another site. Can you fix it? Thank you.
ttung 92 days ago
Sorry but it doesn't appear on uc browser. Is it problem in browser then
Admin 92 days ago
@ttung | pls wait click button download. we fixed
ttung 92 days ago
Admin thank you. But normally I use uc browser but the download option doesn't appear on it. But it appears on chrome but I had to download twice because it was not successful the first time. Hope you'll check this problem and enable these functions on uc browser. Thank you
Admin 92 days ago
@ttung | pls wait few min
ttung 92 days ago
Admin please check there is no download option. Please add download option. Thank you
Kimbokjoo 92 days ago
Too many ads. Watched for 2mins and got diverted to some ad. Have to reload entire page to watch. Happened several times. Please fix
Iloveangels0608 93 days ago
Hi admin, what time do you usually update soft subs after kst broadcast? Thank you!
Che 93 days ago
Admin pls fix the site lots of pop up message and while watching the it transfer to different site.. I'm using my phone. Tnx!
Admin 93 days ago
@scarlet hearteu | We will fix it shortly. Thanks for report
scarlet hearteu 93 days ago
i mean I'm using my phone and not my laptop
scarlet hearteu 93 days ago
the ads on this site has become worsened. while i was watching this episode, suddenly it transfers to another site.
Admin 93 days ago
@chubs | Pls try again. thanks
chubs 93 days ago
and yes i've reloaded this page so many timessss
chubs 93 days ago
whyyyyyy canttttt i seeeeee the suuuuuub on 360p?????????
Admin 93 days ago
@sel | we will add other server after 40 mins
sel 93 days ago
there is no 720p available or other servers, when will they be added?
Reed 93 days ago
Adminnn, when will the subs be out? T_T
Alice 93 days ago
When will subs be out? Thanks :)
byeol 101 days ago
SUBS SUBS SUBS pleaase admin T.T
Kim Byeol-Ah 106 days ago
YES! I heard Exo-Lotto playing when Bok Joo was at the cinema place.
Kim Byeol-Ah 106 days ago
@Byeol nice!!
snapdragon 106 days ago
Im really amazed by how fast they sub this!!
byeol 106 days ago
SUBS PLEASE ADMIN!!!!! waiting for hours now T.T
xelerina 106 days ago
i never expect from this drama but as soon as i started i can't stop to wait for the next ep....prince is so cute and charming.......bok joo is really different from her past role!!!loving the story and loving them much!!!
byeol 107 days ago
@Kim Byeol-Ah my full name is Lee Byeol ^_^
byeol 107 days ago
when will be the subs uploaded?
Kim Byeol-Ah 107 days ago
@byeol what is your full name? is it the same? ^o^ ?
Kim Byeol-Ah 107 days ago
OMO! in the preview things are definitely going to happen tomorrow! I really wanted her to nd up with the doctor. Bc I like Nam Joo Hyuk :P , but that ain't gonna happen anyways. :'(
byeol 107 days ago
waiting for hours for this to be subbed! please admit sub it
waiting for subs 107 days ago
@admin when it will be subbed?
Lin 107 days ago
@Foodie, I started watching the drama, thanx for the recommendation, it's good.
cfhaiskfdskj 108 days ago
thanks for subbing ... when do will they be subbed @adimn
Admin 108 days ago
@cfhaiskfdskj | we will do it, thanks for your patience
cfhaiskfdskj 108 days ago
when will it be subbed...cant u do it as fast as you guys did goblin ? @admin
Nam Joo Hyuk 113 days ago
I'm slowly starting to like Sung Kyung's acting, she could pair up with Sung Kyu :P
Nam Joo Hyuk 113 days ago
Aww poor Bok Joo, that ex-gf is an asshole.
Nam Joo Hyuk 114 days ago
That tiny kiss though :'( I hope he'll not have long ones. Thats gross.
Admin 114 days ago
@layla | Pls wait few hour
layla 114 days ago
admin when will the subs come out :(
Jana 121 days ago
i want the aubs soo bad when will it be out 😭
Nomnom 122 days ago
@admin - How many hours does it take to have subbed episode for this drama?
Sorry im not rushing you..but i was just curious because this is also a new drama..
Thank you. Hwaiting admin-nim.
Carmen 127 days ago
@nam joo hyuk. Jeez calm down . They're really close friends in real life . It's just a character. Why hate ?
arya* 127 days ago
Install adblock and everything will be alright.
Dara 127 days ago
Please fix it
Dara 127 days ago
It's very annoying
Dara 127 days ago
I can't watch in on chrome nor on safari because of the ads
Jana 127 days ago
When will the subs be out can u plzzz make it faster 😭
Admin 127 days ago
@Salmanim | pls wait about 3hour
Salmanim 127 days ago
Admin when will the sub be out
Nam Joo Hyuk 128 days ago
Plus she's too old for him.. gross.
Nam Joo Hyuk 128 days ago
Nam Joo Hyuk 128 days ago
I hate Sung Kyung.. not only her name is ugly but she's full of plastic and fake and ugly.. even she admitted, her face makes me want to vomit. This role does not suit her.. and her haircut neighter. She a bit normal if she had long hair, and a different role. She does not suit Nam Hoo Hyuk at all, The other girl does.
Salmanim 128 days ago
Admin sub please 😭
Nam Joo Hyuk 129 days ago
Only watching this for Nam Hoo Hyuk my man
Ai 140 days ago
Haha don't know if I'm the only one but I'm really excited to watch this drama
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