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TVB News At 6:30 - 六點半新聞報道 - 2017-01-11

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54 comment(s)
Admin 66 days ago
@vxb | It's fixed. Thanks
vxb 66 days ago
12/23/16 episode has no sound, please fix
Admin 121 days ago
@yeh | we fixed. try again
yeh 121 days ago
10/28/16 and 10/29/16 not showing
Ma Long 170 days ago
Where is 9-9-16 & 10-9-16 News ?
Sushi 177 days ago
點解廣告咁大聲??? 聽緊新聞忽然間大爆廣告,又冇得收佢聲,叫我點聽新聞啊???
Why no way to turn off the volume of ads??? They're so annoying while I'm watching the news!!
Ma Jai 182 days ago
This is a very good site
johnny 210 days ago
any chance you upload to different download host such as uptobox.com
johnny 210 days ago
the download link works, but the openload.co server/download link don't to be seem to be working for the last week
Anon 224 days ago
thank you very much Admin
Admin 224 days ago
@Anon | fixed
Anon 224 days ago
2016-07-08 link was posted instead of the 2016-07-18
Admin 244 days ago
@Danny-Lim | we'll fix it. thanks for report
Danny-Lim 244 days ago
Admin pls 你题目写错,是六点半新闻报道
Danny-Lim 246 days ago
Admin no 七点半新闻报道 is 六点半新闻报道
Admin 246 days ago
@L.C.WAI | we checked the file remains active and no errors.
Danny-Lim 247 days ago
Tan kent Dek 248 days ago
Lim chee wai 249 days ago
Admin can watch tvb show good time old buddy 2016.I want watching loh
Lim Chee wai 250 days ago
admin 22/6/16新闻没有咯。
Lim Chee wai 250 days ago
admin mytv live 里有很多节目有儿童节目,其他节目,新闻时事资讯还有外地其他节目希望admin可以像tvb mytv live一样给我们看.TQ
Lim chee wai 250 days ago
Admin 22号新闻也没有咯
Admin 250 days ago
@Lim Chee wai | pls wait about 20-30min
Lim Chee wai 250 days ago
admin pls tvb儿童节目可以给我们看吗?希望admin可以给我们看
Lim Chee wai 250 days ago
Admin pls 可以这节目给我们看吗
Lim Chee wai 250 days ago
Admin pls can watch tvb show kai xin lao you ji
Lim Chee wai 250 days ago
Admin 开心老友记节目几时才有得看.....admin pls i wan wacth……
Admin 250 days ago
@LIM CHEE WAI | pls wait about 2h
Lim Chee wai 254 days ago
admin pls 我很想看开心老友记节目咯
Lim Chee wai 254 days ago
Lim Chee wai 254 days ago
Lim Chee wai 254 days ago
Lim Chee wai 267 days ago
Admin 273 days ago
The program is broadcast every weekday.
Benny 273 days ago
Hi, Please can you specify 'Completed' or 'End' when a series or show has ended.
Many thanks
Tan kent Dek 275 days ago
Lim chee wai 276 days ago
Tan kent Dek 276 days ago
Lim Chee wai 276 days ago
Lim Chee wai 277 days ago
Admin 277 days ago
@Lim Chee wai: 您等待大约一小时到两小时
Lim Chee wai 277 days ago
Lim Chee wai 277 days ago
Lim Chee wai 277 days ago
Lim Chee Wai 277 days ago
Lim Chee Wai 277 days ago
Lim chee wai 277 days ago
Tommy 384 days ago
Thanks to your link ! But today is the 10 already but the drama of the latest seems does not update as before !?!? Pls look into this ! Many thanks!!!
YanChunWu 407 days ago
YanChunWu 429 days ago
Wing Hui 481 days ago
News at 6:30 - 六點半新聞報道 2015-11-04 stops at 04:05 mark??


jill 509 days ago
can someone get JSG and Music Cafe? Thanks.
Admin 551 days ago
@Johnny Please share it with your friends to support us! Thank you so much!
Johnny 551 days ago
I am pleased to find your site which share good quality links to watch dramas in Asia without all the annoying advertisements. Thank you very much!
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