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Golden Pouch - 황금주머니 - Episode 42 (Sub)

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27 comment(s)
yapol 6 days ago
This story is dragging too long..... getting impatient ady....
Lin 11 days ago
@Admin, the link won't open. Episode 57
Komala 17 days ago
Admin please advice why no new episode ?...why
Janet 46 days ago
@Lin, I dont know why the koreans look down on orphans, single mothers, divorcees and what have you. They are snobs of the worst kind. I dont know whether slapping and hitting people happens in only dramas ? OMG the noise they make slurping their noodles kill me.

The loan shark definitely had cosmetic surgeries done and not very good ones, that's why she looks scary. I feel sorry for the Geum family but I admire them (except the youngest nasty daughter) for being so closely knit.
Lin 46 days ago
@Janet I have been watching, It breaks my heart that orphans are a target of abuse by ignorant people. I think it's best to marry boys who have no parents, no stress whatsoever. That JS stepmother is an orphan herself, one would think she would sympathise with JS who lost a mum. And she wouldn't have been in that family had JS' mother been alive. She will always play second fiddle. Did that loan shark woman have something done to stretch the skin around her eyes making them look big, that's one weird face I have seen. It really looks weird as they just stare and flesh around the eyes seems to be sticking to the eyebrow lines. Very scary. Just feeling sorry for the Geum family.
Janet 50 days ago
@Lin, are you still watching this ? I am on episode 18 now and will continue as I find it interesting except for the talks-like-a-moving train woman loan shark who is very uncouth, very low class who thinks she is above everything else. OMG for her to look down on a surgeon and orphan with her own lowly background beats me !
yani 50 days ago
Apgujeong midnight sun is a nice drama park Hanna’s role was so nice especially the role of many euntak just try watching it you'll cry for it
jen 52 days ago
Admin, I cannot play videos here in my tab. What should I do?
Lin 52 days ago
I am thinking about parakeets, honestly @Anita, @Aya, @Janet, just missing intellectual conversations.
Janet 57 days ago
@Lin, are you still watching this drama ? Foodie recommended this one a while ago and I have decided to watch it now after reading many favourable comments.
AngelaB. 67 days ago
Very enjoyable drama with great actors. Thank you.
AngelaB. 67 days ago
Very addicting drama. I love all the actors. The rich are really made fun of. I'll keep watching. Thank you.
Foodie 75 days ago
@Janet- So what's your taken on the drama now?
Janet 79 days ago
@Lin, I am giving this another try tonight and if I cant stand the annoying characters, then I am out of here.
komala 79 days ago
Please advice admin why don't have episode 20, On Friday's episode?
shamrockmom 89 days ago
@Admin--Episode 13 missing some subs and some are out of sync. Thanks for checking
Lin 90 days ago
@Janet hope you are watching now. The screaming charlies continue, but the drama has improved. I am finding it slightly interesting.
shamrockmom 94 days ago
Episode 10--no character voices only BG music and even that is garbled.
Lin 95 days ago
@Janet watching the drama on and off, the screaming, cat fights goes on.
Janet 101 days ago
@Lin, are you still around ? From your comments two days ago, it doesn't look as if you want to watch it. I will give episode 2 a try now. I will also check out the woman with an annoying voice & mannerism from The Promise ...
Roberta 102 days ago
love this drama
Lin 104 days ago
@Janet will try and give it a chance, but that woman who acted at that drama The Promise, I just find her voice and mannerisms do annoying, I know she is just acting, but her roles put me off any drama. There 3 characters who are just loud and boring really. Mind this drama has fit eye candies, Minsoo lookalike, tall handsome boys or man. Until the screaming old women come into the picture then everything goes South.
Janet 104 days ago
@Lin, the guy who fell into the river looks a bit like Minsoo. Lol.
Janet 104 days ago
@Lin, oh no if its going to be another typical daily drama with annoying characters, then I am out here. I will try a bit & see ... I see many negative comments already.
Lin 104 days ago
@ Janet just realised the drama has annoying characters, I may skip this one maybe check blogs
Janet 104 days ago
@Lin, I just found out this is another daily drama with 120 episodes. I have given up a few of them (except for Here Comes Love) as you may probably know and I am sure this one will be clichéd and go round and round in circles. Will try out some episodes first.
Lin 105 days ago
@Janet, @ Anita, I really hope you are watching this one. It sounds promising with a lot of cliched episodes to follow.
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