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2 Days & 1 Night - 1박2일 - Episode 479 (Sub)

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Ragss 9 days ago
can anyone the BGM title used in this episode when JJY admirer was Juhno??
efn 13 days ago
Admin, why ep 473 was deleted... please sub again.. thanks
Me 37 days ago
Please sub this the soonest. JJYis back!
Jane 51 days ago
Jlim 72 days ago
Sorry. Its ok now.
Jlim 72 days ago
Hi, the subs doesn't sync. Pls check. Thanks.
Admin 72 days ago
@Leo | It's working now. PLs Refresh your browser. Thanks
Leo 72 days ago
why 360 pixel cannot stream? menjengkelkan sekali
Leo 72 days ago
why 360 pixel cannot stream? menjengkelkan seklai
jam 74 days ago
please upload youth over flower africa,
thanks admin
coz thats where park bo gum is,
thank you so much
jam 74 days ago
okay i saw it already,.
park bo gum is on episodes 459-461
kim yoo jung is on episode 471-472
thanks admin for uploading this,i really love the chemistry of this young love team,kudos to you! thanks
jam 74 days ago
hi admin in what episode does kim yoo jung appear?
KF 85 days ago
Thanks admin..
Admin 85 days ago
@KF | You can download now. Thanks!
KF 85 days ago
Admin, download link plsss..
erilyn 94 days ago
sub pls
Admin 100 days ago
@erilyn | watch video with Chorme
erilyn 100 days ago
sub title pls
sha 100 days ago
Thank u admin
Admin 100 days ago
@sha | pls wait few min
sha 100 days ago
Sub please to episode 471
Admin 109 days ago
@Shine | we will fix it
Shine 109 days ago
I cannot download ep 426.. Help
BC 113 days ago
Hi admin. I have been trying for 3 days now to watch but cannot successfully load any video. I'm trying both Safari and Chrome. Please help.
MJ 114 days ago
Waiting for Kim yoo jung here!!! So excited!!!
Hello kitty 121 days ago
@Rainne Bogummy was in 3 episodes from 459-461 :)
MJ 121 days ago
Subtitle pls.. thank you
Rainne 124 days ago
At what episode Park Bogum appeared?
jjy 135 days ago
No jjy in new ep 😢
daebak 142 days ago
Wait for the download link..maybe after some times admin will put it on below the video
Bo Young-ie 142 days ago
Anyone know if we can download this episode?
anon 159 days ago
Decode error keep disturbing
Meeooooow 163 days ago
Oh whoops forgot to refresh page, just saw download link is out. Thanks admins!
Admin 163 days ago
@Meeooooow | Updated download button.Pls try again
Meeooooow 163 days ago
Download please!
Hana 164 days ago
Sub please
anon 170 days ago
Descendants of the sun next week cant wait hahhha..so funny
anon 170 days ago
What is the song at the start of episode 461?
anon 170 days ago
What is the song in ep 460 after the rocketeer song? When cha tae hyun start to fly
Meeooooow 170 days ago
Download link pls :) thx heaps
Shine 178 days ago
hi admin!! thnks for all the hardworks! i hope u can sub it soon.. like wat u did on unctrollably fond.. hihi! thanks!
Meooow 182 days ago
Whats the meaning of that Mudo 3-ri thing ?
Singmichon 184 days ago
It is too slow for me. It took 1 hr for 8 minute.
stranger 184 days ago
thanks admin!!! saranghae
Admin 184 days ago
@Meow | We will update link download after about 10 minutes
Meow 184 days ago
I'll just come back tomorrow. Waiting for download to be honest
spanza 184 days ago
Finally!!! Thanks Admin
Admin 184 days ago
@Meow | 1 -2 hour
Meow 184 days ago
Guys I don't subs will be out yet until later tonight (earliest) or tomorrow on my side of the world. Just come back here tomorrow :)
stranger 184 days ago
sub please!!!
Simon 184 days ago
Sub and hurry up
A 184 days ago
Ep 459 sub please
A 184 days ago
Sub please
A 184 days ago
Sub please...sub please...sub for ep 459 please
HelloKitty 190 days ago
@admin no I don't have an adblocker....this site does have a lot of pop ups though. It works again now after I uninstalled and installed my browser again. I used to have an adblocker but it's no longer GooglePlay (I use my phone to watch dramas).
Admin 191 days ago
@HelloKitty | Do you use adblock?
HelloKitty 191 days ago
That's strange the download button is not showing up on my browser...but I went on a different browser and it works. The previous episodes i can see the download button though, just not this episode. Thanks
Admin 191 days ago
@HelloKitty | Download link available
HelloKitty 191 days ago
@admin, how long does it usually take for the download link to be available?
HelloKitty 191 days ago
Thanks for the subs! I'm waiting for the download link so I can watch :)
spanza 191 days ago
When will the subs be up please Admin. Thank you in advance
Miranda sings 199 days ago
Sub sub sub sub
hello 200 days ago
@SeoInGuk_islove, thanks!!! Wow I have a lot to catch up on! I guess that's a good thing while I wait for new episodes of W :)
DONNA 200 days ago
does anyone can help me ..where that i can wach or download 2 day 1 night season 2 " 7 Heaven " member :(
spanza 205 days ago
Have to wait another week
Jenjen 205 days ago
Sub please.......
Me again 205 days ago
This one too!
SeoInGuk_islove 205 days ago
@Hello, ep 443 when Yoon Shi Yoon started.
Jenjen 206 days ago
Sub please.... thank you
hello 208 days ago
Anyone know what episode number Yoon Shi Yoon joined? I wanna start watching from there :) thanks
Sunghoon-Hyesun(SH-HS coupple) 212 days ago
hahaha these cowards... their lucky they have at least brave man, Dong gu...
spanza 212 days ago
Subs please. Thank you in advance
Jenjen 212 days ago
Sub plz.. thanks
faye 212 days ago
subs for ep. 455 please thank you!
din 216 days ago
what is the name of the song at 16:52 ?
Jenjen 219 days ago
Thank you so much admin 😉
Jenjen 219 days ago
Sub please.. thank you
Sunghoon-Hyesun(SH-HS coupple) 220 days ago
Donggu is pretty chunyang...
M. Jan 224 days ago
Why i can't download any video today? Is there a problem that i don't know?
Sunghoon-Hyesun (SH-HS Couple) 226 days ago
the subs got lost
Choji 226 days ago
Pls fix sub tnx
Max 227 days ago
Sub for 453 please
spanza 233 days ago
Thank you, been checking every hour for the subs. Thanks Admin
ming 244 days ago
what song plays in the last part???
tf 246 days ago
whats the song on the last part?
SeoInguk_islove 247 days ago
this is a meaningful episode... the PD chose a very useful theme... Dong gu is a great lecturer, this is what we can learn from.an optimistic people...i really like his lecture...
Me again 247 days ago
Oh I love this episode... So excited for next week..It's the first time I heard the members talk like this... Behind their efforts to entertain in a variety show.. I felt the depth... sub-PD wow! You did a great job! Admin please sub it first...
마이 254 days ago
Happy to hear that Moy... And i just noticed that we have same sounding names... Moy & Mai. Hahaha

Youre right, admin is jjinja jang ida! Admin jinjja kamsahamnida. Honto ni arigatto gozaimasu
Moy 254 days ago
yup,you correct. I'm using ipad safari to watching it. But hey! Admin fix it and now i can watch as usual on my ipad. Thankyou admin,jjang!! Keep it up with the good work ;)
마이 254 days ago
Moy, i bet ur using iPad safari & watching 360... Same here and i like the old version too.. But its just the way it is so..
Anyway, if u go try the other server( i usually try server1 ) the subs willshow
Min-Tae team five children 261 days ago
Dong Gu is really lacking in sports...
Min-Tae team five children 261 days ago
@Moy try another server... t'was happened to me before, and chrome is the best...
Moy 261 days ago
I watch other shows too like running man,return of superman and etc... All the same when i fullscreen it
Admin 261 days ago
Because Ep 448 not yet subbeb.
Moy 261 days ago
Hi,why i cant see the subs if i fullscreen the video? I like you using the old server more than the new one
Me again 261 days ago
And.... Im patiently waiting for the subs Admin fidghting! Love ya! Hahha
IamSpartacus 261 days ago
Pls sub. thanks
raccoone 261 days ago
Sub pleasee..
diebcjcnvo 267 days ago
i love taehyun hes soo cute and smiley
Min-Tae team five children 268 days ago
Cha Taeyhyun's outfit is the same as Bang Sunghoon's(kim sangmin) outfit on fibe children ep 29
IamSpartacus 269 days ago
Pls sub before others, I'd be waiting patiently. Thanks :)
CJ 274 days ago
Thank you Admin! 💓💓💓
Min-Tae team five children 275 days ago
JJ couple love it...
Admin 275 days ago
@raccoone | You shoud check again. It's still working
Admin 275 days ago
@CJ | I'm uploading .pls wait!
raccoone 275 days ago
I cant play the video :(
CJ 275 days ago
Subs please
Jlim 282 days ago
Hi it's still the soft subs. Pls embed the subs .Thank you.
mbdtf 282 days ago
woah, did not realize that the subs are already included with the episode when i send that message. shout out to the fast admins
mbdtf 282 days ago
subs for 445 are out just in case you are wondering
SPea 282 days ago
Hi please add sub the soonest! Thanks!
Hemlock 282 days ago
Pls sub. waiting patiently. thanks
Jlim 289 days ago
Hemlock 289 days ago
Thanks so much. You're the first one to sub it!
Ches 289 days ago
Please include subs soon...thanks
Hemlock 289 days ago
Hi, could you pls sub this show before other varieties? This is the site I got to check on it first. Thanks.
ming^.^ 289 days ago
where is the eng sub of ep 444????
ming^.^ 293 days ago
ming^.^ 293 days ago
ep 144 i mean..
ming^.^ 293 days ago
when will the ep44 available?? huhu! im dying to waaaattcchh.. nah!
Yani 296 days ago
Still no sub....waiting....
Yani 296 days ago
Waiting for eng subs for this... As well as ROS and 5 children... Please add it soon....
sparksfs 318 days ago
wow taehyun so witty im impressed. cuteeeee
damianna 345 days ago
download link please. Thnks
Naima 490 days ago
Thnk U for sub
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