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HDFree The Princess Wei Young - 锦绣未央

The Princess Wei Young - 锦绣未央 - Ep54 END

Other name: Jin Xiu Wei Yang
Category: China Drama 2016
Genre(s): Historical, Romance
Release: November 14,2016
Episode(s): 54 Status: Ep54 END Country: China
Broadcast: Dragon TV Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
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The Northern Wei Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan. Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy's territory and she assumes the identity of Li Wei Yang, the daughter of a tutor. She suffers many hardships but eventually utilises her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman as well as gaining a beautiful romance.
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98 comment(s)
AnaGR 120 days ago
Dear Admin, thank you, thank you very much for your hard work!! Thanks to you i could watch this wonderful and bittersweet drama!! Great Job!! And i'd like to ask if you are going to sub the new upcoming drama, The General and I. Thanks againg :) :)
Sara 129 days ago
Great Job! thanks
Ashru 130 days ago
Thanx admins for subbing. Great job. 👍 . Keep it up ☺️.
Lw 131 days ago
thank you it worked @Admin
Lw 131 days ago
@Admin I even used it in Chrome, still no subs
Admin 131 days ago
@Lw | PLs try to use Google Chrome. Thanks
Lw 131 days ago
@Admin and also episode 52
Lw 131 days ago
Hello @Admin, what's happening with episode 51 subs? There's no sub
lin 132 days ago
what are y'all doing? sub pls
Ashru 132 days ago
Where is sub admins?? Pls don't break my heart. I like to see the ending. 😞😩😢
Ashru 133 days ago
Pls sub upto last episode so that we can enjoy this weekend watching it. Pls admins.
Ashru 134 days ago
Sub pls.
richard 135 days ago
please add download link
Samsam 136 days ago
OMG where are the subs goooo?
Ashru 136 days ago
Hello admin, why it has become so slow n is not opened in ep 43 too?? :(
Lw 137 days ago
Hello @Admin when is the sub of 43 and 44 coming out? please let us know :(
Ashru 137 days ago
Ep 41 has not been opened though it is subbed. Pls do check again admins.
Iresh 138 days ago
Im stuck in episode 41. I cant wait any longer. Please have mercy and put english subtitle..😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
anne 138 days ago
god u're all so damn slow.. it already ended and we're 14 subs behind???? wtf
Ashru 138 days ago
I thought u wud sub today. Not yet. 😢. Sub pls.
Ashru 139 days ago
Come on admins. Sub pls.
Ashru 139 days ago
The drama has already end but its so boring to wait for 14 eps sub. Pls admins sub from 41 ep. Thanx.
alice 140 days ago
@lw u're gonna have to wait till monday probably
Lw 140 days ago
Hello @Admin When is the subs for episode 41 and 42? we are waiting ,thank you
Ashru 140 days ago
Sub pls dear admins. Pls.
Mel 140 days ago
When will u sub ep. 41 ?? Admin plssss... cant wait :)
Ashru 141 days ago
Sub pls pls.
Ashru 141 days ago
Pls sub from 39 onwards. Looking forward. Thanx.
Char 142 days ago
Where is my sub???? :-(
alice 142 days ago
suuuuubs today, pls? :)*
Ashru 142 days ago
Eagerly waiting for eng sub. Pls pls.
Joanne 142 days ago
Are you guys reuping this drama from another site, thats why we have to wait for soo long?

Voces estao pegando esse drama de outro site e upando aqui, è por isso que esta demorando tanto para ter legenda?
Elenita 142 days ago
please released English Sub every episode of The Princess Weiyoung of Han,...until the last episode, Im enjoying and dying waiting everysingle day.Thanks so much
Ashru 142 days ago
Thanx for subbing admins. Pls continue subbing from ep 38 too. :)
Bu yong CHUN 143 days ago
Its continue ? Coming. Soon ?
Bu yong CHUN 143 days ago
English sub please
Lw 143 days ago
Hello admin, can you tell us when will ep 37 and 38 be supped? WE ARE DYING OF PATIENCE :(((( Please ADMIN.
Admin 143 days ago
@Ashru | We will have sub earliest, pls wait patiently
Ashru 143 days ago
Come on sub pls dear admins.
Ort 143 days ago
Subtitle please
Ashru 144 days ago
Pla sub from 35 onwards. Pls pls.
[email protected] caringal 144 days ago
princess weigh young episode 35 to 45 English subtitles please

princess weigh young episode 35 to 45 English subtitles please
Bu yong CHUN 144 days ago
Please sub in english. Thanks.
alice 145 days ago
come on, please!!
Ashru 145 days ago
Eng sub pls pls pls.
Richell Ubanan 145 days ago
This is a good drama i like it very much please upload eng.sub were waiting thank so much.
EternalAngel 145 days ago
please i know its hard to sub episodes don't over work yourself please :D
Wei Wei 146 days ago
Please sub eng ep 31 and other ! This drama is so cool !! Thank you !
Ashru 146 days ago
Pls sub from ep 31 onwards. I m addicted to this drama. Thanks. ☺️
chickie 147 days ago
eng sub please
rei 147 days ago
ep 31 pleease today??
Feten 147 days ago
Pleaaaase continue subbing!! Thxx admin
princessweiyoung 147 days ago
this drama will be finish soon and yet we are still behind hoping we can catch up episodes.so excited for ep 31 to 41 to be subbed. thanks admin.
mimei 148 days ago
thanku u! i'm rly looking forward to ep 31, that one's gonna be one of the best ones yet!! :)**
Vaness 148 days ago
Wishing that there will be miracle 5 episodes subbed pls for our early christmas gift. Hehe thanks
littlemiss 148 days ago
waiting for ep 29/30 please :*
Julia 148 days ago
Hoping for another sub episodes tomorrow. Thanks for subbing! Keep it up and godbless!☺
EternalAngel 149 days ago
Rosie 149 days ago
Omg thanks for the sub!
mai 149 days ago
whoa 25 was boring af...sub ep 27 asap, please? thx
Julia 149 days ago
Gonna wait for another sub episodes tomorrow.
Julia 149 days ago
2 episodes subbed per day. So thankful. Thanks admins keep it up ❤
Dramalover 150 days ago
Subs! Thank you very much ❤️
ji ahn 150 days ago
next ep? ^^ love this site
anne 150 days ago
when will next episode be subbed? :) thank you for you hard work, ily
anne 150 days ago
ahh thank u so much!! more please :))
Julia 150 days ago
I wish I could understand chinese.thanks for the sub
seoulkorea 150 days ago
we will be happy if this drama will be sub up to the latest because this drama makes us crazy nevertheless thanks admin for your hardwork, keep it up.
EternalAngel 150 days ago
yayyy keep up the good work admin :)
Tangyan 151 days ago
Ep 23 & 24 subbed yipeee!Danke
Fre 151 days ago
Please sub and next ep..thx
kiera 151 days ago
i cant bear ep34&35.. i reli cant!! huhu
kiera 151 days ago
admin only ep 22? huhu.. pls.
Tangyan 151 days ago
Thanks admin
Maria 151 days ago
Thank you so much for the subs ❤
Tangyan 152 days ago
Been coming back and fort for the subs. Been waiting patiently.huhu
vvvwwi 152 days ago
waiting your kindness
kiera 152 days ago
admin, i am so eager to watch ep 22 up wid sub.. wen wil be the upd8?? huhu.
bingbing 152 days ago
Hi Admin, please put subs from 22 onwards, been waiting for this since last week, thanks
Julia 152 days ago
Okey.Thanks admin!😄
Admin 152 days ago
@Julia | It will be updated asap, please wait patiently. Thanks
Julia 152 days ago
Love this site. Ive been waiting for the subs love princess weiyoung
Nisrin 153 days ago
I finally got your site.. thank you.
Julie 153 days ago
Love this site! Keep up the good work
Ilovehdfree 153 days ago
Eng sub please.
EternalAngel 154 days ago
T^T pls admin when is ep 22 going to be subbed
Ilovehdfree 154 days ago
Waiting for subtitles for ep 22 to 28.☺
tina 155 days ago
thank u so much!! u're the first ones to have so many episodes subbed
Yulie 155 days ago
Admin... When the ep 22 onwards will be subbing? I cant wait😂😂😂... And tq admin for ur good job..
And how many episodes in a week this series actually airing?
Tq admin
Saewa 155 days ago
Eng sub pls
Saewa 156 days ago
Ep 22,23 & 24 pls!
ilovehdfree 156 days ago
addicted to this drama! thank you so much for subbing it and hoping for another episodes from you. :D its getting interesting waiting for ep 22.Again thankyou to all the admin subbing it godbless! :) XOXO
Admin 156 days ago
@kimnaj | It was fixed. Thanks!
kimnaj 156 days ago
hello admin, hope u can sub ep 18 ...thank you so much
iloveweiyoung 156 days ago
Thanks Hdfree Admins! waiting for ep 17 onwards! fighting! :D
Kdramaaddict 157 days ago
Eng sub for ep 15 & 16 pls. Thanks and love you!😘
Kdramaaddict 158 days ago
Eng sub for ep 13 onwards pls😢
wei young 159 days ago
ep 11 eng sub pls
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