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HDFree The Lost Tomb - 盗墓笔记

The Lost Tomb - 盗墓笔记 - Ep10 END

Category: China Drama 2015
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Supernatural
Release: 12 June 2015
Episode(s): 10 Status: Ep10 END Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Director(s): Zheng Baorui, Law Wing-Cheong Writer(s): Xu Lei
Cast: Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, Liu Tianzuo, Ken Chang Tzu-yao, Wei Wei, Tang Yan
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The Lost Tomb, also known as Grave Robbers' Chronicles and Daomu Biji (simplified Chinese: 盗墓笔记; traditional Chinese: 盜墓筆記; pinyin: Dàomù Bǐjì), is a Chinese television series based on the internet novel of the same name. The Lost Tomb will have 8 seasons filmed over a period of 8 years. The filming of the first season took place from August 2014 to 30th November 2014. The first season is slated to broadcast in Summer 2015, and will premiere on iQiyi within China and on Viki outside of China.

The Lost Tomb is a Chinese drama series directed by Law Wing-cheong. It is based on a series of novels by the same title (also known as Daomu) written by Xu Lei. The Lost Tomb also is known in English as the Grave Robbers Chronicles and Grave Robbery Note.

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30 comment(s)
Florenz 112 days ago
Go watch candle in the tomb very scary good show.more exciting.
Admin 116 days ago
@Florence | The Ep10 was last episode
Florence 116 days ago
Is there anyway to upload episode 11 & 12 of The Lost Tomb in Eng sub please?
Ken 128 days ago
Dear Admin, can you upload episode 11 & 12 in english sub? Episode 11 in site are episode 10. Thank you
Admin 136 days ago
@Cherry | We will fix soon. Thanks!
Cherry 136 days ago
Dear admin, why ep 11 and 12 is the same ep with 9 and 10?
Admin 185 days ago
@Shireen | we will fix soon. pls wait
Shireen 185 days ago
Dear admin, please fix the download link for episode 7. Thank you.
jonathan 218 days ago
don't have Server 2 button...
Wei Kin 223 days ago
Why episode 11&12 are not available and there is no button for server 2
JJ 264 days ago
Server 2 doesn't work for me
Admin 264 days ago
@JJ | click Sever 2 to watch
JJ 265 days ago
Why is 11 and 12 blocked
JJ 265 days ago
Why it blocked
xinxin 316 days ago
xinxin 316 days ago
no sub on 11 n 12
Admin 330 days ago
We'll fix soon. Thanks!
dee 330 days ago
please eng sub ep 11 and 12
percy 366 days ago
plz upload rest of the eps
percy 366 days ago
plz upload eng sub for ep 11 & 12
juli 459 days ago
is it 12 episode or 10 episode?
it say episode 9 on episode 11 video
Admin 460 days ago
Because ep03-07 sub not full so we not yet add hardsub in video
Ken 460 days ago
Dear Admin, i dont any see 'download' button from Ep 03 onward. If not we cant watch the series with english sub. Kindly fixed it. Thank you.
Admin 465 days ago
Fixed link download for episode 05
luv0fruit 465 days ago
Download episode 5 is only 27 minutes long. Where is the rest of the file? Please fix
Admin 476 days ago
Ep01 EngSub. We will try update eng sub episode other
emmanouil 476 days ago
said eng sub but i only see chinese sub,is possible to put with eng sub too
Admin 477 days ago
All your request are fixed.Thanks
Adnil 478 days ago
An additional request,

Episode 4 download is only around 12 minutes, instead of the whole episode, please kindly fixed it. Thank you.
Adnil 478 days ago
Dear HDFree,

Thank you for The Lost Tomb drama. However, a request from me. Please upload episode 1 with Chinese sub too (just like the current episodes 2-12), instead of only English hardsub. I'm downloading the drama for my parents who can't read English sub, instead, they read Chinese sub. I will appreciate it so much. Thank you in advance.


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