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HDFree The Legend of the Blue Sea - 푸른 바다의 전설

The Legend of the Blue Sea - 푸른 바다의 전설 - Ep20 END

Other name: The Legend of Blue Sea
Drama 2016 Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance
Release: Nov 16, 2016 Runtime: Wed. & Thu. 22:00
Status: Ep20 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: SBS Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Jin Hyeok Writer(s): Park Ji-Eun
Cast: Gianna Jun, Lee Min-Ho, Lee Hee-Joon, Shin Hye-Sun, Moon So-Ri, Shin Won-Ho, Lee Ji-Hoon, Park Hae-Soo, Hwang Shin-Hye, Sung Dong-Il, Na Young-Hee, Choi Jung-Woo
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Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captures and releases a mermaid, this drama tells the love story between the son of a noble family in Joseon era and a mermaid.

How can a mermaid from the Joseon era survive in modern-day Seoul? Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) is a mermaid who finds herself transplanted to modern times. She is caught by Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho), a charming but cold con artist who is the doppelgänger for Kim Moon, the son of a nobleman from the Joseon Dynasty. But in the present time, Joon Jae works with Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon), a skilled conman who guides Joon Jae to become a genius scammer. But Joon Jae’s friend, Cha Shi Ah (Shin Hye Sun), who works as a researcher at KAIST, may be Chung’s only hope for surviving in her strange new world.

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142 comment(s)
nowshin 55 days ago
why cant i see the last episode?its not playing at all.
Ankim 57 days ago
Ep 20 download link please
schatz 57 days ago
download link please..
Salmanim 58 days ago
360 p doesnt work please fix it
@d!T! 58 days ago
i can't play this video
Andrea 63 days ago
The videos won't play anymore. I don't know what to do! Please fix it
Julie 64 days ago
Admin subs please. Been waiting for this episode but there's no subs T T
soda 64 days ago
sub sub sub damn disappointed waited so long
soda 64 days ago
dear admin ep19 plz sub, tq.
Kiti 65 days ago
I cant play 😣😣😣
soda 65 days ago
finally its here.!! here we go everyone..!!
soda 65 days ago
quite disappointed today because the sub were delayed so long until now.
Lala 65 days ago
Admin subs please... Thank you~~
soda 65 days ago
? ? Huh.?.? Sigh..!!
soda 65 days ago
ep18 plz sub been waited for it dear admin.
Boom Aya :p 65 days ago
this drama is coming closer to an end don't you think? it'll be another drama off my hook and I'll out the hook on "missing 9," :P
Wendy 70 days ago
Lets not talk about pop up ads they suck .Moment of silence ........ Hoo joon jae's father died so sad , shed a few tears if sentimental people know what l mean , live is so cruel .
Aied 71 days ago
Still waiting for fully subbed.. N download button... Huhu. DOnt really like watching online.. Please make it faster ya admin.. THAnksss
Kurdish 71 days ago
I wonder why TLOTBS subs are slow in all sites
Alice 71 days ago
4 freaking commercials pop up in less than 2 min into the show. I have had to come back to this site every time again and again bc it wont even let me return to the page inselg. No I have to reload go to the main page and find this frama again and again. Its impossible to watch anything on this site throught phone bc i dont have add block on it! So mad. Couldnt even write a vomment bc it redirected me to the commercial site. I will stop using this site if this wont be fixed somehow (bc i litterary cant watch ANYTHING bc of the pop up/redirect sites).
Kurdish 71 days ago
Can you please add Shigats wa kimi ni uso?sorry i don't know where else to make request
Shirley 72 days ago
Admin there is no download button. Thanks
Wendy 73 days ago
So many pop up ads please remove thank you .
Admin 75 days ago
@Rowena | We checked. download button is still working now.Pls change browser to try again
Rowena 75 days ago
Hi admin, episode 15-blue aea indicate file not found.hence, fail to download. kindly fix.tq
rachelle 77 days ago
can you guys upload the subs for LOTBS as fast as GOBLIN PLEASE
xox 77 days ago
there is not sub?!
ooooo 78 days ago
why can't download?
maya 78 days ago
can you send the link to download episode 14 subs please
nills 78 days ago
the last 4mins scene has the 'Heirs deja vu effect when YoungDo-eung sang-kim tan- was about to meet at the crossing'
Meili 78 days ago
Hey admin! A big thanks for all the work you guys put in to give us the episodes with subs!
What percent of sub is there now for ep15 and when do you think it'll be uploaded? thanks
Jerrr 78 days ago
Hi admin will you be updating sub in awhile or in the afternoon later
Admin 78 days ago
@Maria | Sorry for the mistake. We will try to update sub for episode 15 asap. Be patient! Thanks!
Maria 79 days ago
I am actualy not talking about the ads. I am talking about the subtitles. Can you tell us when they will be out please?
Maria 79 days ago
Hey Admin! Do you know when the subs for ep 15 will be up?
Marjorie 79 days ago
Why is it not playing?
Admin 79 days ago
@OPpalovers | it's fixing, we so sorry
OPpalovers 79 days ago
And now Porn site was suddenlY cme out..!!!
OPpalovers 79 days ago
Really hate the time im watching drama then the other site suddenly appair.. And i need to play that from the start..

Can u fix ut admin. Its so annoyinG. I cant finish the whole episode...
Admin 79 days ago
@Roseann | Not virus, maybe due Ads page. It's annoying. Sorry
Lyly 79 days ago
It's so annoying when this site suddenly change to some site that offer ip7 and bla bla bla.i need to make a new tab,then come to this site again,then the same thing keep repeating.this maybe 10 times i make the same thing-..-
MakBlahsAlot 79 days ago
Just saw the epsiode. I love it.. cant wait for tomorrow. 😍😍😍😍
MakBlahsAlot 79 days ago
Yaaaaay.. the subs r here. Finally. 😍😍😍
Roseann 79 days ago
Why now this site have virus admin please help me how can i avoid this
Gg 79 days ago
Hi Admin all of us will appreciate if you update us as to when subs will be available
cel 79 days ago
hi no sub yet?
XOX 79 days ago
admin pls put sub!! cant wait to watch!
chatelle 80 days ago
wheres tonites episode
ash 80 days ago
where is todays epiosde
Admin 85 days ago
@Lilly | ep 14 release 4th jan
Lilly 85 days ago
episode 14 please
Admin 86 days ago
@Ali | We fixed. Pls try again
Ali 86 days ago
I can't play the video! Admington please fix it )=.
Rica 86 days ago
Ok admin. Thank you for replying.
Admin 86 days ago
@Rica | Ep 13 is subbed 100% and then we're uploading hardsub version for downloading. Please wait patiently!
Rica 86 days ago
Admin why is there no dowload button?
Hanbin96 86 days ago
Never cried this hard.
scarlet hearteu 86 days ago
couldn't watch ep 13
Admin 86 days ago
@Shirley | You need to wait to the Subs are 100 Subbed
Shirley 86 days ago
Admin why cant i download it? There is no download button. Thanks!
anna 86 days ago
Hi Admin
Please add download link for Episode 13
Thank you :)
Admin 93 days ago
@noona | It's 100% subbed
AngelaB. 93 days ago
Great fun drama with such wonderful actors. They make the story work. Thank you.
noona 93 days ago
when will it be 100% subbed?
Admin 93 days ago
@Noona | 95%
Noona 93 days ago
Is ep 11 100% subbed already?
alex 93 days ago
Admin 93 days ago
@soda | Sorry, the Subs for ep11 will be late today. We will update as fast as possible
soda 93 days ago
ep11 sub plz dear admin..
Iqra 93 days ago
@hiba are you from Pakistan cause same 😢😢
Admin 93 days ago
@sana | Please be patient. Thanks!
Hiba 93 days ago
I cannot sleep without watching this episode😭😭 its 4 in the morning and I'm still waiting. Could you please sub this as fast as possible😭😭
sana 93 days ago
sub pleaaaaaaaaaaase
Kimye 93 days ago
Subs pls admin 😭
Lee 94 days ago
When will subs be available andmin pls reply so i can come another time
Admin 96 days ago
@naya | The download link was changed. PLs try again. Thanks!
naya 96 days ago
Admin! The video is not playing when downloaded. What is wrong with it?
matthew 98 days ago
why if im done downloading the video there no sub title?
sofie 99 days ago
the video cannot be played
Sal 99 days ago
@Admin thank you very much! You're the best 😘 that is why i always recommend your website to my families and friends 👍❤❤❤
Admin 99 days ago
@Sal | PLs wait about 1 hour. THanks!
Sal 99 days ago
Admin, why there is no download link yet? Please update soon. Thank you very much
News 99 days ago
I can't see the movie??
harry 99 days ago
admin how long will it take for the subs to come out
Admin 100 days ago
@Anna | Pls try to use Google Chrome, or choose server1 to watch
Anna 100 days ago
Admin 100 days ago
@dawn | PLs try to use Google Chrome. Thanks
dawn 100 days ago
I cannot see any subs 😭
soda 100 days ago
dear admin can u plz sub ep9?
hey 101 days ago
where is ep9?:((
Admin 106 days ago
@dawn | You can download now.Thanks
dawn 106 days ago
Can the video be downloaded? Cause last I visit the site, I see an options to download the video, but now I can't
Kaya 106 days ago
Thanks for the subs admin!
soda 106 days ago
dear admin ep8 sub plz...
Dietho 106 days ago
Admin y the sub is not there
Dietho 106 days ago
Admin sub plzz for ep8
hello :) 108 days ago
when will subs for ep7 be uploaded? :)
Admin 110 days ago
@Ging |you can click button download . pls try again
Ging 110 days ago
Admin.. Why theres no sub when downloadibg epi 4 to 6?
naya 112 days ago
Admin, the sub is out of sync. Its kind of late compared when they talk. Kindly fix.
Admin 112 days ago
@annaleen | pls wait few min. we are uploading
annaleen 112 days ago
download link plz for ep.6.. thanks admin
Mermaid 113 days ago
LMH looks better in this drama, than in Boys over Flowers!
lmao :p
Mermaid 113 days ago
When will ep 6 be subbed? How many hours more to wait
Admin 114 days ago
@robin | PLs try to use Google Chrome. Tks
robin 114 days ago
No sub
robin 114 days ago
Cannot play the video?
Fatma 114 days ago
I smell a love triangle ..... please don't I hate them
Lee Min Ho 114 days ago
Why is this drama so confusing? the beggining and the middle are totally random! can someone explain this to me? Please?
Xaerrea 115 days ago
Also the episode 3.
Thank You again.
Admin 115 days ago
@Xaerrea | we will fix soon. pls wait
Xaerrea 115 days ago
I Can't download the episode 1. File not found.
Thank You.
SooHa 120 days ago
Who know the title of the song at 47:13?
Athina 120 days ago
Sub pls
jamaica 121 days ago
i cant wait ep 4.. please
Nam Joo Hyuk 121 days ago
Kim Bok Joo is better, I like seeing my man Nam Joo Hyuk, this series is kinda weird.
Admin 121 days ago
@inia | We'll add download link after the Subs was Completed. Pls wait. Thanks!
inia 121 days ago
Where's the download button??I can't download it...😭😭😭
Nomnom 122 days ago
@admin - How many hours does it take to have subbed episode for this drama?
Sorry im not rushing you..but i was just curious because this is a new drama..
Thank you. Hwaiting admin-nim.
Admin 127 days ago
@sam | Pls try again or change server
sam 127 days ago
can't watch ep2
Anne 127 days ago
Hi admin, i am using ipad mini and why is ur advetisements and pop ups keep on popping in the center of the screen. I cannot play any videos now. My google chrome is already updated version. Can u check? Please help. Thanks
Admin 127 days ago
@Faki malik | Pls try to use Google Chrome. Tks
Faki malik 127 days ago
Plzzz.... upload the subtitles admin😣
Kurdish 128 days ago
Min Ho ssi! HOw can you buy her such an ugly dress😭😭
inia 128 days ago
It's working now admin... thank you 😃
Admin 128 days ago
@inia | you can try again with chorme
inia 128 days ago
Still there's no subbed admin😭😭😭
Kurdish 128 days ago
Haven't watch Le Min Ho since ages😱miss him!let's watch it😎
Ann Racquel 128 days ago
Admin download link pls..thanks
Admin 128 days ago
@Melai | We'll update the dowwnload link when the sub is 100%. Pls wait ...
Melai 128 days ago
Download link pls..
Admin 128 days ago
@Cherry berry | Please wait, we're checking
Cherry berry 128 days ago
Its not working admin. huhuhuh
scarlet hearteu 128 days ago
jebal. this is the most anticipating drama throughout the year
scarlet hearteu 128 days ago
the 360p cannot play the video. plx fix dear admin.
anshil 128 days ago
admin y its not playing??
Ann Racquel 128 days ago
Jun ji hyun saranghae❤❤❤
Admin 133 days ago
@haydan | Right click on the vid and choose save video as.
haydan 133 days ago
Can someone help me to saw the how to download some episode
haydan 133 days ago
Nice film but I don't no how to download it
annabelle 205 days ago
Thisnis awesome....drama...
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