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HDFree The Legend of Chusen - 诛仙青云志

The Legend of Chusen - 诛仙青云志 - Ep55 END

Drama 2016 Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Status: Ep55 END Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
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Zhang Xiaofan (Li Yifeng), who along with childhood friend Lin Jingyu (Cheng Yi), are the sole survivors of a village massacre. The two are later accepted into the Qingyun Sect (Noble Sect), where they learn the ways of the Immortal Sword. Although hard-working, Xiaofan struggles to catch up to his peers due to his slow wit. Fortunately, he has the support of Bi Yao (Zhao Liying), daughter of the Ghost King (Fu Chengpeng), who supports him through thick and thin. Pivotal circumstances made Xiaofan grow, and his relationship with Bi Yao takes a meaningful turn. For power, the villainous Ghost King attempts to overthrow the Qingyun Sect, and Xiaofan gets his life on the line. Bi Yao sacrifices herself to save him, falling into an endless sleep. With courage and strong faith, Xiaofan devotes all his strength to take down the Ghost King, fulfilling a promise he made to Bi Yao and Jingyu when they were youths.
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254 comment(s)
Admin 126 days ago
@Alana | we will fix, pls wait
Alana 126 days ago
Hi Admin, English sub for EP55 was unable to download. Please fix. TQ
tahmineh 137 days ago
thanks admin so much for downloading of the great fantasy drama. I liked it so much and I am waiting to watch another season as soon as possible. In the story line of drama every characters were perfect and reasonable: Xiao fan and Bi Ayo were lovely and match with each other so much. The Bi Ayo personality was great with self confident, lovely appearance, pure heart and supportive for her lover Xiao Fan. I hope the ending of two lover will be with happiness in season 2. In the other hand the Xiue Qi narrow minded personality hit my nervous so much and I don't like her acting scenes. By the way thanks director and writer of drama sincerely.
tamao 137 days ago
season 1 ends. season 2 starts next year.
Jill 138 days ago
I hate that nobody ever react on Bi Yao's sacrifice but I guess that they don't know about it. They didn't even react that the sec leader from Qing Yun almost kill Xiao Fan. Ughhhhh this drama is so frustrating. While Xiao Fan was talking to the sleeping BI Yao I dont see him sad. He looks like being forced to talked. Geez plus the fact that I have to wait next year for the next episodes. WTF!
Admin 138 days ago
@ario | no, Ep55 is ended
ario 138 days ago
this is no ended .56??
e 139 days ago
admin..when they release sub for ep55?
kiera 140 days ago
admin ep55? i tot it wud be aired yestrday? im reli excitd..pls.
Bladex 141 days ago
Ep 55... I think will be any season 2...
Suman 141 days ago
I cannot play from chromee
Admin 141 days ago
@Bladex | we're fixing now. Tks
Bladex 141 days ago
Admin, why ep 46 just 21 min? Please fix it
Admin 141 days ago
@Ripi | We'll add download link soon. Thanks
Ripi 141 days ago
Thank you admin. I can stream with sub on chrome with my phone. But i cant play it properly with crhome on my laptop. With firefox i have no sub. If you can add download links for ep 37 and 38 that would be great. Thank you again.
Admin 141 days ago
@kiera | today
kiera 141 days ago
admin when will ep55 be release??
Admin 142 days ago
@Suman | Please try again with another browser!
Suman 142 days ago
I cant see in 360 plz fix it admin
Agnes 142 days ago
When is episode 55 coming out? Can't wait to watch the ending.
Admin 142 days ago
@ripi | pls try again with Chorme
ripi 142 days ago
Episode 37 has no sub even though it tagged as (sub).
Admin 142 days ago
@ABhiei | we're fixing now. Thanks
Noodles 142 days ago
Where is the download button
ABhiei 142 days ago
@admin what happen to the voice..?!
e 142 days ago
ep49 360p not working..pls admin fix it.
e 142 days ago
ep47(sub) not working full ep..
kiera 142 days ago
ep47 360p not working pls fix.
Admin 143 days ago
@wong | we're fixing now. Thanks
wong 143 days ago
Episode 37 is the wrong drama.
thong 144 days ago
Now I can not watch it. why
kiera 145 days ago
finali!!.. tnk u!. pks continue on subing.
Admin 146 days ago
@tamao | Yes, has 36 subs, we're uploading, pls wait!
tamao 146 days ago
new subs are out (think till eps 36). possible to the subs admin? thx
jimmy 146 days ago
Thank you Admin... When will be next episode coming out..... I cant wait to watch episode 55
Admin 150 days ago
@jimmy | We've checked and It's working. Please try again with another browser!
jimmy 150 days ago
Thank you Admin, Episode 53 can play already.
jimmy 151 days ago
Episode 53 cannot play...
Please help..
anna 151 days ago
Thank you very much Admin:)
Admin 152 days ago
@anna | It's fixed
Admin 152 days ago
@anna | we're fixing now. Thanks!
anna 152 days ago
Good Morning Admin
Episode 49-51 no sound after download.
Please help!!!!!!
Thank you
happy 153 days ago
what happn to d' sub
jess 156 days ago
omg heartbreaking moments are coming soon =.=
Jenson 156 days ago
You guys know when is episode 51 showing?
Jimmy 157 days ago
cant wait for the 51 episode... nervous......
jess 157 days ago
Love this show!
min thu 158 days ago
joe 161 days ago
Admin Plss how can I download low video quality from this site
-.- 161 days ago
Admin, what happends? why no eng sub from ep 27 and upward?
Admin 162 days ago
@anna | we fixed
anna 162 days ago
Hello Admin
Ep 44 download link not working.
Please help!!!
Thank you
joe 163 days ago
Plss how can I download low video quality from this site
123 163 days ago
when to update for ep 47
123 163 days ago
nima 165 days ago
sub please
Jimmy 165 days ago
Thank you admin for the update... im fucking love this drama btw... cant wait for the next episode.. hehe
tamao 173 days ago
lol, admin cannot do anything, the group doing the sub has stopped subbing for a while.
kiran kuruvilla 180 days ago
hi admin.will you please add eng sub for episode 27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34..you are making me wait to long...
HeinHtetNaing 181 days ago
Check this drama again and stii no subs Wew!
Admin 182 days ago
@anna | PLs wait 5 minutes
anna 182 days ago
Hi Admin
Please add download link for Ep 27
Jill 184 days ago
I'm still hoping there were some samaritans there who knows chinese would at least recap every episode so I can understand. Huhu.. I think my brain would blow up from all the questions I have in mind upon watching raw episodes but nah as long as I can see li ying I still gonna watch with or without subs :)
Eaea 184 days ago
Check on this drama again..n still unsubbed..why won't they sub it? I think i'm gonna mastered chinese languange in no time if i keep watching this kind of raw dramas..^__^;
Lynn 186 days ago
This sub for this drama has stopped from what I heard.
Tunde 186 days ago
Please sub this drama
Hello 187 days ago
hi, there will be no subtitle ...
KIN 187 days ago
i wonder why this drama was uploaded on net without the full preparation,many people love this drama 'legend of chusen,but the admin and the crews is not being serious.why not complete all the subtitle before realising it here
EdwardLewis 187 days ago
where is the english subtitle @admin add it man !!
A.B 187 days ago
Yaay!! Ep 31! Progress!! :-D
trixy 188 days ago
why there's no progress here? admin pleased make some updates here.. viewers are very anger to know the finale...
trixy 189 days ago
pleased sub for episode 27 and upload the rest of the episode...thanks!
Shireen 189 days ago
Please update the rest till end.
Ammie 189 days ago
When will episode 27 be subbed? If its not going to be subbed please at least let us know....
A.B 189 days ago
Hmmm? Yes, would be really good to know what's going on. O_O
Jill 190 days ago
Saw some news on facebook that some support for fan channels will stop. That includes chusen. Is this the reason why there were no updates here? @Admin?
EdwardLewis 192 days ago
Whats going on admin at least reply us. Why it is taking more time to be subbed?
게라 192 days ago
admin atleast tel us wats hapening hir. i tink we deserve to know. wer reli folwing dis drama and den sundenly it stoppd subing and updating. pls atleast explain.. as one of d folowers of dis site pls explain... admin..
apple santos 194 days ago
@admin: epi 27-30 eng sub plsss...we cannot wait....
Hy 194 days ago
This is too much admins 😡😡😡😤😤
ICE 194 days ago
@ ADMIN: I read on another site that this drama will no longer be subbed, Is that true? THANKS!
EdwardLewis 194 days ago
This drama is taking too much time for subbing why subbers are delaying. I hope u guys work on this as soon as possible.
Bladex 194 days ago
27 sub please...
Suman 195 days ago
Sub plzzzz
kiera 195 days ago
dis drama is not prioritze i gues. if subing is reli dat hard den othr chinese drama shudnt be updated on time as wel. im sad. i am hoping for an upd8 soon. pls admin give us feedbak..
djbxru 195 days ago
It was pleasure to watch new episodes in sub but now! U guys don't even remember to upload new episodes. Sad......
Apple Santos 195 days ago
Hi admin, we r waiting 4 d sub of epi 27,28& 29 pls do it now... thank u!😀😀😀
Hy 196 days ago
I agree with u @kiera
kiera 196 days ago
admin i just wonder why ice fantasy has a faster subing than this drama??
krisyn 196 days ago
ep 27 ep.. huhai
EdwardLewis 196 days ago
Thankx admin for 26 sub.
EdwardLewis 196 days ago
@admin please english subtitle for episode 27
Makmur 197 days ago
Where is download link for ep 25 and 26
djbxru 198 days ago
Where is download link for ep 25.It has been a long time...😪😪😪😪
Suman 199 days ago
Plz 26 english sub
Edward lewis 200 days ago
Where is download link for ep 25 and 26
Hy 200 days ago
Where is download link ? For 25
Apple Santos 200 days ago
Hi admin, Some lines of epi 24 eng sub r missing, can u fix it? Thank u...
Apple Santos 201 days ago
Admin, thank u 😀😀😀😍😍😍...
Apple Santos 201 days ago
Hi admin, pls fix the epi 24 eng sub...
jimmy 201 days ago
when is the next episode 26 out?
Makmur 202 days ago
please add download link for episode 23 and 24
Joseph 203 days ago
Episode 15 needs to be fix at 23:52 video freeze while audio continue playing
Apple Santos 203 days ago
Hi admin, eng sub epi 24 pls....thank u😀😀😀....
Dulanjala007 204 days ago
where's the ep24 raw? not converted yet?
A.B 207 days ago
Yees!! thank you!! :)
Epsilon 208 days ago
Ep 21 and 22 have downloadlinks but subbed ep 20 doesn't have downloadlinks why? @admin
Jill 208 days ago
Oh I see. Sorry. I'll be waiting admin :)
Admin 208 days ago
@Jill | Because sub not full
Jill 208 days ago
no download button for ep 20 admin?
Jill 208 days ago
ADMIN?why there's no download button?
suman 208 days ago
Waiting sub 21&22 plz
Suman 208 days ago
Sub plz waiting
A.B 208 days ago
Ahhhh... i really want to continue watching Chusen! The story gets better and better! Too bad I don't understand it without subs!! _
narcis 209 days ago
subs 20, 21, 22 please dear admin
fuckoff 209 days ago
come on...e...the subs also..plss
Apple Santos 209 days ago
Hi admin, epi 20-21 eng sup pls....😀😀😀....
fuckoff 209 days ago
subs plsss...
jimmy 209 days ago
cant wait for the next epi...
weijit 209 days ago
admin can u put 2 ep in one time
fuckoff 209 days ago
come on...subs plsss
abhie 210 days ago
Sub plz
Jill 210 days ago
Waiting for the ep 20 to be subbed. I've been constantly checking it.
Apple Santos 210 days ago
hi admin, eng sub epi 20 plssss.... Thank u....
fuckoff 210 days ago
subs for eps20 plss
A.B 211 days ago
Yaaay! Ep 19 Sub!! So cool! :D
Edward lewis 211 days ago
Where is eng sub of 19 admin plz add
Apple Santos 211 days ago
Hi admin, eng sub pls epi 19...thank u!....
triXy 211 days ago
sub for episode 19 pls!..waiting for episode 20 uploaded..
Edward lewis 212 days ago
Finally 19 uPloaded waiting subtitle eagerly
Edward lewis 213 days ago
Waiting next episodes so eager
legion 214 days ago
Those subtitles are ripped from i guess. Subtitles availability can be checked there. It's the main source.
granraycero 215 days ago
granraycero 215 days ago
episode 18 subs plsss
Edward lewis 215 days ago
Download link for ep 18 plz
Apple Santos 215 days ago
Hi admin, waiting 4 d eng sub 18 😀😀😀....
Epsilon 215 days ago
Thank u,admins and waiting for ep 18 to be subbed 😁😁😁
Jenny 216 days ago
Got it. Thank you very much. Really grateful you guys are around. Otherwise we will die of drama deprivation. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks.
A.B 216 days ago
Ohh! Yeah! Ep 17 is here!! :-)
Epsilon 216 days ago
Download links plz
Admin 216 days ago
@Jenny | We're uploading more ... pls wait
Jenny 216 days ago
Not sure if its my computer or my local network problem but i couldn't see any of the link button for "360p, 720p, server 1, download" below the screen???
Admin 216 days ago
@Edward lewis | We reply you at disqus
Edward lewis 216 days ago
no response from @admin
Edward 216 days ago
Admin please sub ep 17 waiting eagerly
Edward 216 days ago
Upload 17 episode admin. Its already on air put it here
Qwerty 216 days ago
HOW come it won't let me play it even when I'm on google chrome?
A.B 217 days ago
Thank yooou for subbing!!! Such a beautiful drama!!
Apple Santos 217 days ago
Admin thank u...waiting 4 d next episode😀😀😀....
Rege 218 days ago
When will it be subbed (ep 15) ?
Dara Chhen 218 days ago
thank for Episode 15 :D
Apple Santos 219 days ago
Hi admin, eng sub pls epi 15 thank u...
myth 219 days ago
ja 219 days ago
waiting... what time coming up? can't wait XD
Dara Chhen 219 days ago
yeah me waiting Episode 15 16 17 18 19 too...
Suman 220 days ago
Waiting for anothe ep
Panha 220 days ago
Episode 15 16 17 181 9 please with sub... :) I love u Admin
myth 220 days ago
when will the next episode be out ?
Liz 221 days ago
I am asian
Epsilon 221 days ago
Downloadlink for ep 13 please #please
Drac 221 days ago
Is anyone here actually Aisan
lowie 221 days ago
ep 15. plss
eaea 221 days ago
It is only me or the video really not working
syah 221 days ago
hi admin, im using goch(google chrome and still unable to view the subs @ chapter 12)
sumit 222 days ago
in 1 week how many episodes are uploaded
Admin 222 days ago
@syah | We update regularly, you can see the subs earliest at our website
syah 222 days ago
ok thanks sir, may i know how often the subs and series is updated? thanks and sorry if this question offended
Admin 222 days ago
@syah | Google Chrome with lastest version is recommended
syah 222 days ago
Epsilon 222 days ago
Admin 222 days ago
@syah | What is the browser you use to play?
syah 222 days ago
im trying to watch but episode 11 got no subs?
Raven 222 days ago
Please eng subb epi 12,13 and 14
Epsilon 222 days ago
I can't see download button for episode 11
abhie 223 days ago
i was try for xiao fan in episode 8 38:22.. i hate the people surrounding him.. 😢😢
abhie 223 days ago
i felt pitY fo xiao fan.. why they people discrimate his ability..
Admin 223 days ago
@Jihme | tomorrow
Jihme 223 days ago
What time to upload ?
Admin 223 days ago
@mukul | pls try to use download button
mukul 223 days ago
after download ep 10 the subtitle not show
plzzz help me
Epsilon 223 days ago
Waiting for the remaining episodes to be subbed #thanks
adymusa 224 days ago
Nice admin..... best drama thz year :*
Epsilon 224 days ago
Episode 11 and 12 eng sub and download link please #please
antok 224 days ago
how to download only subtitle,please help me
amed 225 days ago
hi admin, please ep 11 AND 12 eng sub please thank you
TASIU 225 days ago
Pls eng sub ep 10 & 11 thank you
Epsilon 225 days ago
Download link for episode 10 and sub episode 11 please #plseae
Apple Santos 225 days ago
Hi admin, eng sub epi 10&11 pls....
Epsilon 225 days ago
Eipsode 10.and 11 eng sub and download link please #please
Maddieis 226 days ago
I love this drama so far! Plz eng sub ep 10
😎😎🤓😎😎 226 days ago
Pls plz pls eng sub ep 10 thank you💙
Hakuryuu 226 days ago
New episode please....and subbed....T_T
Suman 227 days ago
Eng sub and another episode alsoo plz and thx
Apple Santos 227 days ago
Hi admin, please eng subt epi 10 pls. Thank u!
Dabeast 227 days ago
Epsilon 227 days ago
Episode 10 eng sub please #please
haseo 227 days ago
when is ep 10 going to be subbed?
sumit 228 days ago
next pls
Epsilon 228 days ago
Thank to admins. Waiting for episode 10 to be subbed and other episodes too
Bhu1 $th@ 228 days ago
Nice series love it, gr8 work to whole member including sub writer :)
haseo 228 days ago
when are the subs for ep 10 coming?
Epsilon 229 days ago
I'm waiting for episode 10 to be subbed thanks :-) :-)
Abastika 229 days ago
I really like this drama. Thx so much,really apreaciate your work
Admin 229 days ago
@hoshi | Pls wait few minutes.
hoshi 229 days ago
why, when i play episode 8, the display is spark (Korea Drama)?
Epsilon 229 days ago
Ep 10 english sub please #please
Epsilon 229 days ago
Ep 10 eng sub plz #please
pc 229 days ago
below the video player. 360p 720p server 1 download
click on.
haseo 229 days ago
how do you switch servers? i dont see an option for it
pc 229 days ago
hi Gina
engsub is on server 1
the drama is very good ,
DanielDave 229 days ago
i love the sword girl be with xiao san
Alice 230 days ago
Really appreciate your work.. tq so much
DanielDave 230 days ago
done wathed raw ep9. waiting for 9sub. and when is ep 10 will be release?
farhaz 230 days ago
ep9 done watching :D
Admin 230 days ago
@hihi | few hour
hihi 230 days ago
is this movie release everyday?
wkkm 230 days ago
Search 青雲志 / Noble Aspirations
qwe 230 days ago
why update so slow
Hakuryuu 230 days ago
i still waiting for episode 9...... T_T
Suman 230 days ago
Episode 9 plz
Admin 230 days ago
@Ming | Pls f5 your browser for watch hardsub
Ming 230 days ago
Episode 2 there no english sub
delta 230 days ago
Thanks you guys for quick subbing. Greatly appreciated.
Nat 231 days ago
Thank you for subbing so fast :) I love this drama.
amed 231 days ago
when ep 9 be out please ?
pop 231 days ago
love the new type of video. thank admin
Admin 231 days ago
@Epsilon | We'll add download link for ep 7 and upload ep8 subbed soon
Epsilon 231 days ago
Download link for ep 7 please #please
tamao 231 days ago
thx its working now
Admin 231 days ago
@tamao | Pls try to use google chrome or Choose another server. Tks
tamao 231 days ago
episode 2 no english sub?
Lala 232 days ago
I wan episode 8 ...pls
Epsilon 232 days ago
Ep7 eng sub please #please
haseo 232 days ago
does someone know when ep 7 is going to be subbed?
Seahum 232 days ago
Arww Episode 8 pls T__T
Lala 233 days ago
Episode 7 pls....
Epsilon 233 days ago
Episode 7 please #please
Suman 233 days ago
Episode 7 plz
Seahum 234 days ago
When will episode 7 release? t--t
Epsilon 234 days ago
Downloadlink for ep2 and ep6 plz admins #please
Veronica gina sekine 234 days ago
thak you great its nice.
jenny 235 days ago
download pls......i like this drama pls...
HeinHtetNaing 236 days ago
Downlink plz
Reangsey 236 days ago
Really like this drama watch raw video n start repeat with subbed again,no boring
trueblue 236 days ago
Hahahaha..he himself was hypnotized too!
vian 236 days ago
Download link please
Gina 236 days ago
I'm confused. No matter how much I search or refresh, I can't see any eng sub. Is there eng sub or no? I clearly see in comments that administration said to refresh, but it's not working. Please continue to eng sub this drama, I'm so thankful towards all your hard work.
narcis 237 days ago
please en subtitled I like this drama so much.
Wizord 237 days ago
Please can you english sub the next épisode.pliz I can't find anywhere else than here who do a very good job. Fiigting
Jenny 237 days ago
Love this drama...;)
Abastika 238 days ago
Please Engsub. Thx
Admin 239 days ago
@simon | Refresh page to try again. Tks for report!
simon 239 days ago
admin cant fastforward? and pause
apple santos 239 days ago
hi admin, pls eng subt. thank u...
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