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HDFree The Girl Who Wear Earring - 戴流蘇耳環的少女

The Girl Who Wear Earring - 戴流蘇耳環的少女 - Ep34

Drama 2015 Genre(s): 1920s, Romance
Release: December 22, 2015
Episode(s): 60 Status: Ep34 Country: China
Language: Chinese Subtitle: English
Cast: Dai Xiang Yu, Wu Ying Jie, Liu Qian Cheng, Xie Qi Jun, Zhuang Xia Bo
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Set in 1920s Shanghai, where broadcast radio became a trend, QianTian (WuYingJie) help in setting up one of the most trending Radio station, however the HaoMing (Dai XiangYu) meeting turn into a misunderstand which prompted HaoMing to take away her family heirloom earring. Slowly QianTian will win HaoMing over with her gentleness and kindness.
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51 comment(s)
sandel 72 days ago
sandel 72 days ago
please upload 35-60 episode im become addicted to this drama i cant sleep. ..
nana 101 days ago
please upload episode 34 - 60 :(
Asha Sharma 102 days ago
Please upload all episodes in English sub
Sapphire blue 179 days ago
You are doing great admin! Thank youu
Bbjay 180 days ago
Please upload ep 27 and 28 please with sub
Alya 194 days ago
Admin pls sub more episode fastee 😭😭😭😭
Victoria 219 days ago
Thanks for subbing. It's been awhile. Fighting!!
zzzz 229 days ago
admin, why i can't download ep 20?
Samphoas 235 days ago
upload for more episode with Eng sub please ;(
Kvince 237 days ago
Kvince 239 days ago
Pls. Make it sub its been along time
Pls. Continue to sub its been a long time since the last sub
Mhr 249 days ago
Plzzzz admin we dont want to get disappointed as u hv already done really well...plzz make it fast to sub 😔😓
sonyaorchid 250 days ago
Cant wait to watch the series... continu please admin, you are the best
Nlj 254 days ago
Admin pls sub more ep faster 😭 . I appreciate what u have done . Thankyou
KatVince 254 days ago
Admin, its already too long since you sub the ep 16.. pls sub the ep 17 and 18 make it fast pls. Thanks
Vn4 257 days ago
Admin,when the sub ep 17 n 18 fix?
Thank u 4 ur hardwork
I'll waiting the next sub
Vn4 259 days ago
Plizzzzz admin the sub ep 16
bii 261 days ago
Even if the sub not completed plz try to uploade it
KatVince 263 days ago
Admin, pls make it fast to sub this pls pls pls.thanks
meh 264 days ago
contineu eng sub plssss
Iyarana 267 days ago
Thk.for your sub so muchhhhh....
Nanamy 269 days ago
Why is episode 13 not sub please can u fix it thanks
Mhr 272 days ago
Plzz subb the remaining episodes soon.. 😣
Xuyen 275 days ago
Just want to thanks you guys. I love this film very much. Thanks for your hard works.😘😘
Lyly 276 days ago
Hi Ad! thanks for your hard works👍, and I know you have many other dramas to sub. I will be waiting patiently. and again thanks a million 💋💋
cowgirlwild 276 days ago
please please with a cherry on top! can you fix the subs their not coming out ..also on the other episodes has the same problem.. also want to thanks you for your hard work .. 😉😊
nadeeka 276 days ago
Dear thnxs to rply. But there are only 13 episode found. Others are not show. How can i found it.
Aisha 276 days ago
Can u please upload the other episodes cos there aee only 11
Admin 276 days ago
@chanice | The Ep 12, 13, 14 ,15 are subbing
chanice 276 days ago
when will the rest of the episodes with english subtitles be uploaded ????
Erika 276 days ago
Why did it stop till ep 11 ?? Pls check it and thanks
Admin 276 days ago
@Nadeeka | Pls check again, All of Episode are still working. Thanks!
Nadeeka 276 days ago
That is very amazing site. Thx u so much. But i cant seen other episodes. Only 11 epis have. Pls share other episodes
Wendy^-^ 279 days ago
please the other servers for episode 11 :'(
Brenda 281 days ago
their is really some funny stuff in this. I thought it would just be all serious.
Pink 284 days ago
Thank you for your sub :). I search for it so long time
Admin 285 days ago
@khuc | Thanks. it wil be fixed
khuc 286 days ago
plz fix them
khuc 286 days ago
sub for episode 3 are missing/wrongly added
ishida4 286 days ago
Thank you so much for eng sub
maribel 286 days ago
Thanks for sub eng
letty 287 days ago
thanks for the videos just i found this wed in i love don't give up por more videos i like chinese dramas if you can you put thai dramas too please
vst 292 days ago
OMGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank youuu so muchhhh ... this site is the besttt
Lyn 293 days ago
Its been along time im waiting this drama
siti 293 days ago
thankssss alot pleaseeee pleaseeee upload moreeeee!!!!!!!!!
Joejoe 293 days ago
When does this come out or uploaded
Joyce 294 days ago
Yes thanks. Also, Ep. 1 doesn't have a download option.
Lyly 294 days ago
yeah:-)) thanks so so much ad for excepting our request doing eng subbing for this drama. you are the best as alway. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Lyly 294 days ago
yes yes please sub this drama. thanks ad. love:-))))
Joyce 295 days ago
I've been waiting for a site to get this drama, hope to see it subbed soon.
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