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HDFree Swapping: My Friend's Wife - 스와핑 : 친구의 아내

Swapping: My Friend's Wife - 스와핑 : 친구의 아내

Movie 2016 Genre(s): Adult, Melodrama, Romance
Release: Nov 15, 2016 Runtime: 80 mins
Status: Completed Country: Korea
Language: Korean
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Seong-sik became stays at home while his workaholic wife Hye-joo works. Next to them, Seong-ki's friend Joon-seok and his wife move in. Seong-sik learns how to do housework from his friend's wife Eun-yeong. At first they hit it off but that soon turns into an affair and when Joon-seok and Hye-joo find out, they also start cheating on their spouses...
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