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HDFree Sori: Voice From The Heart - 로봇, 소리

Sori: Voice From The Heart - 로봇, 소리

Other name: Robot, Sori
Movie 2016 Genre(s): Drama, Sci-Fi
Release: January 27, 2016 Runtime: 117 min
Status: Completed Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Lee Ho-Jae Writer(s): Lee So-Young, Lee Ho-Jae
Cast: Lee Sung-Min, Lee Hee-Joon, Lee Ha-Nui, Kim Won-Hae
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Hae-Gwan's (Lee Sung-Min) daughter Yoo-Joo (Chae Soo-Bin) is missing. People around him tell him that his daughter died in the fire that took place at a subway station in Daegu, but Hae-Gwan refuses to believe she is dead. To find Yoo-Joo, he goes everywhere and anywhere. One day, he receives a phone call that the caller saw Yoo-Joo on an island. Hae-Gwan goes to that island, but he can't find her there. At night, Hae-Gwan sits on rocks by the sea. He sees a light fall into the ocean and he is then swept by big waves. Hae-Gwan then finds himself on the beach. He sees something unusual and first believes it is a landmine. It turns out it is actually an AI satellite robot which saves every conversation made on a phone. Hae-Gwan thinks he can find his daughter with the help of the robot. He names the robot Sori ("Voice").
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but it cannot be played at all
Admin 81 days ago
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scarlet hearteu 81 days ago
360p cannot be played. help
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