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HDFree Person Who Gives Happiness - 행복을 주는 사람

Person Who Gives Happiness - 행복을 주는 사람 - Ep108

Other name: Giving Happiness, 給予幸福的人
Category: Korea Drama 2016
Genre(s): Family, Romance, Melodrama
Release: Nov 21, 2016 Runtime: Monday to Friday 19:15
Episode(s): 120 Status: Ep108 Country: Korea
Broadcast: MBC Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Lee Sung Joon Writer(s): Park Ji Hyuon
Cast: Lee Yoon Ji, Son Seung Won, Lee Ha Yool, Ha Yun Joo
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A drama about a mother who raises her child with love, protecting it from its cruel birth mother

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Sandy 11 hours ago
@Admin, I did turn off pop up and it continued to redirect me to virus sites. However, it stopped as of 2 days ago. However, I can't get ep 107 to play for Person Who Gives Happiness. Also, I don't mind popups, but some of the popups on this site are not things I want to see. If I had a choice, I would rather pay a fee for access to your site with no popups.
Sophie 6 days ago
Admin plz sub the episodes.....Plz... Thank you
Applelim 12 days ago
Dear Admin...appreciate your site and hard work but recently we're plagued with dodgy pop ups..I can understand you require this to maintain the website but some of them are of virus website. Can we reduce this to prevent losing viewers?? Thanks
Admin 15 days ago
@Sandy | Turn off pop-up and continue. Please be patient with popup ads, that supports us to maintain our fully service to you. Thanks for your support!. We will limit it soon.
Admin 15 days ago
@Bridgit | Be patient with popup ads, that supports us to maintain our fully service to you. Thanks for your support!. We will limit it soon.
Bridgit 15 days ago
Don't just say it's pop up ads. They are annoying and intrusive. You can have all the ads you want, but everyone get tired of being redirected and using your site, then what will you do?
Sandy 15 days ago
ADMIN - the message below is for you.
Sandy 15 days ago
Your site is plagued with click virus. You click on a video and it predict your to a page of virus. You really need to consider protecting your site or it will be impossible to use.
Sandy 18 days ago
Admin, starting around episode 77 or 78, it's the same problem I mentioned below, but now I don't have the close advertisement box anymore; when I press play, I'm redirect/new window open to some other site and my spam software stops it.
Sandy 18 days ago
Admin, why does your site redirect when I close the advertisement window to start playing the video? Thankfully my spam software stops it.
Aya 33 days ago
She had surgery and she's recovering but there hasn't been any updates yet, I'll see in the newspaper or tv if anything happens ^^ & let you know @UKNOWNL
UNKNOWN 34 days ago
What does she have?
UNKNOWN 34 days ago
Hey does anyone know where is the old actress
Saja 35 days ago
I like the new actress. She seems now the strong sisters compare to the constantly crying older sister.... It helps that when I see the new actress face, i am not reminded of the pseudo incest story line...
To the earlier actress, get well soon...
Aya 40 days ago
I want the other actress to come back, its weird to ust have a new face I don't like it, but I know the other is sick. I like more of the scenes with Wangsung, Misook & Yuri, its funny & chill.
Aya 49 days ago
Hooray!! Hayoonie can finally be with his mummy 🤗🤗💞
Aya 54 days ago
My favorite actor here is Yuri & The ajushii her mom likes, they are kind and sweet people.
Aya 60 days ago
Yes!! I've been waiting for this moment, now it's time to find their father and whip that ass of that old bag Bogae. For everyone who left.. u SUCK a new English word I learned today~~
Park Aya 62 days ago
@Admin Thanks for your hard work on catching up~! 💗🌸🤗🐻🇰🇷
AngelaB. 63 days ago
I keep watching this for Ha Yoon.He is so talented and loveable.I hope he gets an award for his hard work.
Aya 64 days ago
@ADMIN please catch up with the episodes. please? ./\.
Park Saeron 70 days ago
I'm starting to feel bad for Jakyung she's being pulled from all strings and forced to do things because of her mother and being manipulated she can't be herself, Jakyung is probably not mean or baaaaaad im sure she'd be average if it wasn't for her mom torturing her, I hate that old hag.
Aya 70 days ago
Seok-Jin is a piece of Kepul... 지랄하네 in other words
Aya 74 days ago
@Lin btw is my english good? I am not too sure
Aya 74 days ago
@Admins why are you so slow on this drama its always 3-4 episodes behind if you need more admins I'll ask my friends who know english too~ I wish I could be one but I don't know english 100% im not goodat transalting.
Aya 74 days ago
@Lin So you're trying to learn Korean? cool!! ^^ did you master Hangeul then? Goodluck!!
Lin 77 days ago
@Admin I actually meant to ask about Eng subs.
Lin 77 days ago
@Admin, I am just confused as to how you rate online the dramas. How can a drama from China with 3 comments tomit rare higher than a Korean drama with 600 comments attached to it. Who is watching those dramas with less comments then. I believe people comment and discuss what fascinates them. So why are you discaling our Kdramas such as Love is drop by drop, Golden Pouch , Shining ES. To Hong Kong, Chinese and Taiwan dramas with less comments on them. Can we promote our dramas first, that entice foreigners to watch them. Sorry but let's get real here.
Lin 77 days ago
@Aya, I decided to add Korean to the list of languages I learnt because I enjoy watching foreign dramas, I hope admin gives us eng subs, as I am still learning Korean. I am getting there. But please admin eng subs. I understand Half Korean now.
Aya 78 days ago
@ADMIN Like I said before I need English subs in order for me to get used to English writing even though I'm Korean and can see this drama without problem i'd like to have the subs, please ^^ r
Arishia 78 days ago
FYI only - I am repeatedly receiving this error today for the first time.
Runtime Error
Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL
Aya 80 days ago
@ADMIN please sub the other episodes~ 이 드라마를 더 빨리 잠급니다.
I can watch without subs but I want to memorize more English words that's why I need subs ~ THANKS ^^
Aya 80 days ago
Lin 81 days ago
Subs please.
Aixa 87 days ago
120 episode why
AyaAya 88 days ago
So GunWoo's sister is Eun-Hee's biological sister and she doesn't even know~! so she is GunWoo's adopted sister.
Aya 101 days ago
Wah! JK really didn't know she gave birth? r they freaking kidding me rn??
AngelaB. 103 days ago
EH should see a psychiatrist. She should just care about her son and herself. The boy wants to be with her so she should fight for him. That's what he wants. EH is so brainwashed and has no backbone.
Komala 106 days ago
Admin epi 35 written sub but when we download there is no sub please assist
Lin 108 days ago
@Aya hie there,
komala 111 days ago
Hi Admin Thank you sooo much
Admin 113 days ago
@komala | You can download now, Thanks
komala 113 days ago
Admin There is no download ?? please help
Aya 114 days ago
The driver of miss park is so handsome :x does anyone know who it is? let me know, thank.
Bang 117 days ago
Please admin title of the song
Bang 117 days ago
Admin what is the OST title? Please reply
komala 120 days ago
Hi admin Thank you so much and sorry for the trouble..ya.
Admin 121 days ago
@komala | Please wait patiently
komala 121 days ago
Please admin there is no sub for episode 25?
komala 121 days ago
Hi admin thank you so much...
Admin 123 days ago
@komala | You can downoad now. Thanks
komala 123 days ago
Hi admin why there is no download please assist asap
Bridgit 127 days ago
This site is SO not mobile friendly.
Jane 129 days ago
Lin*there is a good interesting drama to also watch like shining eunsoo and first love again and weightlifting fairy Kim boo boo and variety shows like 2 days and 1 night and happy together and I can see your voice and fantastic duo and running man
And entourge
dietho sophie 131 days ago
admin sub plzz
AngelaB. 132 days ago
Another very entertaining drama. Thank you.
AngelaB. 132 days ago
@Bridgit I saw Heirs and now I remember the deaf mother. She really is a teriffic actress. I don't know where she gets her energy and memory.
Lin 138 days ago
@Admin, isn't there an episode today?
Lin 138 days ago
@Aya, I will try those 2. This drama isn't actually bad though, except for a few female actresses, each time I see them in any drama, I just think what the heck. They ruin most dramas for me.
Bridgit 140 days ago
@AngelaB. She was nice as the deaf mother in "The Heirs"!
AngelaB. 141 days ago
Hate the evil grandmother. She' s beenin so many k dramas doesn't she get tired?
Aya 146 days ago
@Lin, You should try watching "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo", "Legend of the blue sea,"and "That sun in the sky" they're good!
Lin 150 days ago
@Janet, @Anita, have you been following this drama? I notice there isn't much good dramas at the moment but I am watching this one.
AngelaB. 152 days ago
Love this drama.The child actors were excellent. The baby is so cute. Thank you producers.
WTF 156 days ago
Where are the subs? @ADMIN!
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