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HDFree Green Room - 今日VIP

Green Room - 今日VIP - 2017-03-24

TVShow 2015 Genre(s): TVShow
Status: 2017-03-24 Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese
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《今日VIP》(英语:The Green Room),是香港電視廣播有限公司的一個娛樂訪談節目,於2009年2月2日起開始播出,前身是娛樂資訊節目《娛樂直播》。本節目主要是名人及TVB旗下的當紅藝人的專訪。
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10 comment(s)
Alex 22 days ago
Can you add 今日VIP and 都市閒情 of 3/3/2017, please?
Alex 52 days ago
Can you add 兄弟幫 (HK broadcast date 31/1/2017) and 天與地 (完整版, HK broadcast date 30/1/2017 and 31/1/2017), please?
Alex 53 days ago
Can you also add 天與地 (完整版) from 30/1/2017 to 31/1/2017, please?
Alex 53 days ago
Can you add 今日VIP as at 31/1/2017, please?
Alex 64 days ago
Can you add 都市閒情 of 20/1/2017, please?
Alex 108 days ago
Can you add CH 310 of TVB 安樂蝸?That episode of program is missing.
Alex 112 days ago
I found that 今日VIP and 都市閒情 (HK 播放日期:2/12/16)are still missing. Can you fix that?
Admin 173 days ago
@Alex | Thanks for report. we'll reupload soon
Alex 173 days ago
The first part of 今日VIP (播放日期:3/10/2016) is missing. Can you fix it?
andy 225 days ago
admin why no this green room tis week.pls
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