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HDFree Goblin - 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비

Goblin - 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神-도깨비 - Ep16 END

Other name: 孤單又燦爛的神-鬼怪, The Lonely, Shining Goblin
Drama 2016 Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance
Release: Dec 02, 2016 - Jan 21, 2017 Runtime: Friday & Saturday 20:00
Episode(s): 16 Status: Ep16 END Country: Korea
Broadcast: tvN Language: Korean Subtitle: English
Director(s): Lee Eung Bok Writer(s): Kim Eun Sook
Cast: Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kwak Dong Yun, Kim Go Eun, Yoo In Na
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Chinese Subtitles

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a goblin who is also a protector of souls. He lives together with an amnesiac grim reaper (Lee Dong Wook) who is in charge of taking deceased souls. Together the two of them sees the dead off into the afterlife. Meanwhile, Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is a high school student who despite her painful reality, remains optimistic. She ends up falling in love with the goblin. Kim Sun (Yoo In Na) is an owner of a chicken shop; a bright and attractive girl who is loved by all men.

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122 comment(s)
sha 50 days ago
When u upload the drama that I mentioned, would u let us know?
sha 52 days ago
@Admin can u plz upload master devil don't kiss me Chinese drama with eng sub
Vanessa 53 days ago
Admin, y is episode 5& 11 are just the same?
Edyin 59 days ago
Hi admin, the default servers (360p, 720p) don't seem to be working... the other servers aren't fast and video keeps stuttering. Can you please take a look?
🥐 Croissant 60 days ago
and I don't need anyone else's opinion I just stated mine as a FACT and I won't be coming to see what any of you have to say so don't waste your time or actually I don't care if you do its your life not mine.
🥐 Croissant 60 days ago
They should have chosed a better looking cast Sungjae is the only one that is handsome and the guy from Roomate aka Grim Reaper didn't look bad but the main guy and girl are both not good looking their like average.
Denise 61 days ago
Just a heads up Goblin, ep 12. Regardless of whether you select 360p or 720p it's the wrong episode. I can't remember which one exactly but it's an old one and definitely not ep 12.
James 63 days ago
Spoiler!!! Hi I'm just wondering in the end, wouldn't the grim reaper and sunny know their past life since they both didn't drink the tea to erase their memories? TBH I think I would have felt more at peace if they did that.
Blink 63 days ago
Admin.. Why no episode 15...
Bridgit 63 days ago
FREAKIN ads are killing your site!!!!! I don't mind the ones that surround the page, but the ones that take me away from the site altogether, even while finally view the episodes, are very nerve wrecking!!! If this continues I will have to go back to other websites!!!!
Kiyoshika 64 days ago
Finally..Dey did it..Goblin broke d rating record of reply 1988 ..Well done..M gonna miss dem 😭
Kiyoshika 64 days ago
M crying 😢 it was d final episode.. I won't b able to see it again..
I want 4 of dem to live together at d end..😞
Nills 64 days ago
Thank you to the whole Goblin team. This drama changed and touched my heart in ways I never expected it too. Thank you for this wonderful drama. I'm gonna miss the whole gang! Thank you for the whole cast and crew, this drama wouldn't be this amazing if it weren't for your hard work. Thank you Kim Eun Sook for writing this masterpiece. This is your best work.
sha 64 days ago
Episode 16 is subbed
sha 64 days ago
@admin thanks for uploading my annoying brother movie
Anaa 64 days ago
@:)Anindita:) Ep.15 already subbed
Anaa 64 days ago
Admiiin, when will the 16th episode be subbed? :3 can't waiiiitt
moni 64 days ago
@Admin the video isnt playing. i tried several browsers but it just isnt working! please fix it!
lucky 64 days ago
please update 720p admin pleaseeeee i''ll wait for it thank youu admin-nim!
lucky 64 days ago
admin there's no 720?
tk 64 days ago
works perfectly now! thanks admin :D
Admin 64 days ago
@tk | PLs refresh browser to try again
tk 64 days ago
subs are not in sync :(
😄Anindita😄 64 days ago
But someone is saying that it's already been subbed
😄Anindita😄 64 days ago
ADMIN,ep 15 isn't subbed yet....
la 65 days ago
thank you very much for your hard work and fast subs really!
lol 65 days ago
video ep 14 not working on chrome n firefox
Admin 66 days ago
@Glysa | Click button download belong player
Glysa 66 days ago
Hello how can I download the video thank you

Hello how can I download this video
Terin 69 days ago
Hi admin, thanks for your hardwork. But could please to fix all the ads that linked with the video. The ads really disturbing when we watch the movie.
Aya 70 days ago
Nice drama, though kinda disturbing fo rthe fact that she was a highscooler and hes a 40 year old man.
bella 70 days ago
360p is not working :____(
sha 71 days ago
@admin can u upload my annoying brother Korean movie
Ray 72 days ago
Admin, there are so many ads liNks in the website
Plz fix
Zara 72 days ago
Admin, sub is not in sync starting on the helipad scene. Please fix. Subs come out too fast.
Barsha 75 days ago
Admin why it cannot be downloaded?(error.html)...and it cannot be loaded as well
winie 76 days ago
Please...whose name on grim reaper card at 1:12:35...
scarlet hearteu 77 days ago
360p cannot be used pls fix
Gen 78 days ago
Oohhh.. another twist in the story... Thank you so much admin for fast upload and sub! 😄😄😄
Imja 78 days ago
Admin happy new year. Good job cause your site us the fastest site to upload but ehy the subs ere unsync? Kindly fix it.... Thanks in advance
me 78 days ago
the subs are unsync
ri na 78 days ago
Why does it keep on loading? and the video is not working. T_T
Gg 79 days ago
Hi when will subs be up??
Admin 85 days ago
@fany | It's fixed. Thanks
fany 85 days ago
@admin 720p is not working T_T
sha 85 days ago
@admin Happy new year to all of u!!!
Milla 85 days ago
@Admin video cant be played with chrome... Will it be fixed soon?
Boo 85 days ago
@admin video is not working :(
🐶Anindita🐶 86 days ago
Admin..why isn't there any Download option?can u plzz fix this😯😔😟
Tanjina 86 days ago
@admin thanks its working🙌🙌
Admin 86 days ago
@Tanjina | Please try again, it's working now, tell us if you have the problems. Tks for report
Tanjina 86 days ago
@admin I can't access to the app it says " the server is busy report to us" what should I do admin??
dee 92 days ago
omo..already subbed.you are really fast admin. thanks alot admin
dee 92 days ago
thanks admin for uploding ep 8..gumawo
Admin 92 days ago
@Eden | what is server that you see pop up ?
Eden 92 days ago
@alice, i'm experiencing the same thing. This is really annoying
Eden 92 days ago
Admin, pls fix the advert that keep pop up & sometimes divert the page automatically,sometimes in the middle of the drama that i'm , & i have to close the whole page,then come back to the site to start all over again. It has happened multiple times & its really turning me off from this site
Admin 92 days ago
@Alice | We've fixed it, please try again and tell us your problems
Alice 92 days ago
Ok I am starting to hate this site. There are so many stupid commercials (jumping screens?) That wont even let me close them/return to the video. I have to close the hole page and then come back to the site through homepage and find the show I was watching again. And it even happens now in the middle of watching the shows...

Its a real headache when using the phone and latly when I have tried it on my ipad it pops up several windows. Before it was only one window


Anyone else having similar problems lately?
yiemei 93 days ago
jeongmal gamsahaeyo admin!
Admin 94 days ago
@shasha | The Subtitle will begin after 6 mins
shasha 94 days ago
no sub. yet for ep6? huhuhu
Admin 98 days ago
@wishel | try again with chorme
wishel 98 days ago
is it just me? or is it really not subbed yet?
Ellie 99 days ago
The main female lead is so cute!!
a 99 days ago
it wont let the episode be played
a 99 days ago
adminn it says server error in application
Admin 99 days ago
@Sarah | pls wait few min. we will fix soon
Sarah 99 days ago
@admin unable to load video
chubs 99 days ago
when will ep 6 be subbed? cant wait no moreeee jebal
J 100 days ago
The video still not playing, admin. I downloaded chrome in my phone and still the video isnt playing
Ashka 100 days ago
Admin...video is not playing
Admin 100 days ago
@chubs | Pls try again. If still not play, wait a few minutes then try again.
Rausiu 100 days ago
It's not playing
chubs 100 days ago
video cannot play ep 5 with subs pls
Admin 100 days ago
@Febri | It's still working. PLs change browser to try again
Febri 100 days ago
Why it cant be downloaded?something wrong with the openload
Virence 103 days ago
Its a Fantastic drama, making one laugh and cry at the same time , and the book title was "I am sad leaving You"
trexie 105 days ago
why no eng subs??
Leo 105 days ago
why cannot stream? (using wifi & mobile data) 😑
Nili 106 days ago
What is the name of the book she gave to him at the end?
naya 106 days ago
It is subbed already
chubs chubs 106 days ago
when will the sub for ep 4 will be released? or its just me? i've refreshed the page so many timeeeeees. jebaaaaal
Admin 106 days ago
@harry | pls wait about 3-4 hour
harry 106 days ago
hey admin how long will it take for the subs to come out
Desy ardianti 106 days ago
Lee dong wook is the king long time ago
Admin 106 days ago
@michelle | It's Fixed. Thanks!
michelle 106 days ago
Hello admin, the download button for ep 2 doesn't work. Thank you.
Dylene 107 days ago
Admin theres a lot of pop up advertisement. I know its business but sometimes pushing the audience to watch it is not good especially when were already enjoying the show...
jin 107 days ago
Thank you, Admin! You're the best! :)
Admin 107 days ago
@jin | pls wait. we will upload link download
jin 107 days ago
Hi, Admin! Just want to know, when can we download the latest ep w/ subs? Thanks! :)
KS 107 days ago
Admin what time will the eng sub come out! Im too excited 😭
Frans 107 days ago
bruh i cant wait for the ost's!
Jessa 107 days ago
Cant wait for the eng sub. So far this site is the fastest to sub!
liaaa 112 days ago
fammmm lee dong wook is baeee asf. he sooo baddd as grimreaper
Francie 112 days ago
I have problem to download the video, openload seems unreachable and reload it several times doesn't help. Is this because openload server down for temporary? Thank you
chubs 112 days ago
still unable to plaaaay
Infinite 113 days ago
Can't wait for the next episode!! Thabk you for the subs!
erilyn 113 days ago
ommo , this one is so good . cant wait to watch 3😄
Swina 113 days ago
Admin..unable to play
Fan 113 days ago
I am totally in love with this drama already! I just hope that the ending will not be a sad one..
chubs 113 days ago
oh my god. im so desperate. plsssssssssssssssssss
chubs 113 days ago
already reload a couple of times.
chubs 113 days ago
already reload the page couple of times
chubs 113 days ago
cannot play.
kdrama_jjang 113 days ago
sorry I refreshed and woaahh proper subs..thanks a lot for the hard work..fighting!!!
kdrama_jjang 113 days ago
I see subs for ep 2 but they are not in sync..
fangirl 113 days ago
I was going to wait up for the subs for episode 2... But I just cannot wait anymore!!! Raw episode, here I come!!
goblin 113 days ago
Same drama director of descendant of the sun and same writer.. No wonder
liaaa 113 days ago
you can't tell me Goblin isn't the best drama of 2016-2017. freaking greatnessssss!
Dea (Rouzmary 113 days ago
ne ne, admin, could you please give an estimate for how long till subs?
I simply can't stay by computer or I'll succumb to the greatness that is Goblin and watch raw but I wanna enjoy it in it's full glory with subs ^^ So I need to know for how long to restrain myself XD
Thank you!!!! :D
scarlet hearteu 113 days ago
360p cannot be played. pls fix it, dear admin.
Admin 114 days ago
@Ai | pls wait we will fix soon
Ai 114 days ago
Pls fix the subs.....
sha 114 days ago
Oh god I think have never seen such a great drama..awesome
DAEBAK 114 days ago
Kim Min Jae & Kim So Hyun!
DAEBAK 114 days ago
DAEBAK~~ \^o^/
sha 114 days ago
Admin sub plz...
yookbingsu 114 days ago
when will the subs come out? thanks!!!
Foodie 116 days ago
@Sash- The actress who plays the high school student is actually 26 years old. Hopefully that'll ease your mind.
Sash 126 days ago
looking forward to it too!

but Gong Yoo is actually 37 years old and with a high school student.... errmmmm.... not looking forward to it.....
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