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HDFree First Love Again (Chinese Subtitles) - 再一次,初戀

First Love Again (Chinese Subtitles) - 再一次,初戀 - Ep32

Other name: 다시, 첫사랑, 再一次, 初恋
Drama 2016 Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Release: Nov 28, 2016
Status: Ep32 Country: Korea
Language: Korean Subtitle: Chinese
Director(s): Yoon Chang-Beom Writer(s): Park Pil-Joo
Cast: Myung Se-Bin, Kim Seung-Su, Wang Bit-Na, Park Jung-Chul
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English Subtitles

8 years ago, Lee Ha-Jin (Myung Se-Bin) fell in love with Cha Do-Yoon (Kim Seung-Su), but they broke up.

Now, Lee Ha-Jin is enthusiastic about cooking. S$he meets Cha Do-Yoon again. After Cha Do-Yoon dumped Ha-Jin, he has been full of vengeance and hatred toward her.

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