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HDFree Big Boys Club - 兄弟幫

Big Boys Club - 兄弟幫 - 2017-03-24

TVShow 2015 Genre(s): TVShow
Release: Feb 1, 2010
Status: 2017-03-24 Country: Hong Kong
Broadcast: TVB Language: Cantonese
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《Big Boys Club》《兄弟幫》是由一班活力大男孩林盛斌Bob、陳國峰Penny、王梓軒Jonathan、唐嘉麟 K T及梁烈唯(唯唯)等主持的年青人清談節目,每集以主題形式邀請不同界別人士或歌手及藝人作嘉賓,進行輕鬆的訪談,或以個人專訪形式與嘉賓對談。


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16 comment(s)
Alex 2 days ago
Can you add 兄弟幫 as at 22/3/2017 and 23/3/2017, please?
Alex 49 days ago
Can you add 安樂蝸 5/2/2017 and 3日2夜[粵] 4/2/2017, please?
Alex 56 days ago
Can you add 兄弟幫 as at 27/1/2017, please?
Alex 56 days ago
Can you add 兄弟幫 as at 27/1/2027, please?
Admin 58 days ago
@Alex | PLs try again. Thanks
Alex 58 days ago
I still have not got the clip of 兄弟幫 as 25/1/2017.
Alex 58 days ago
Can you add 兄弟幫 as at 25/1/2017, please?
Admin 101 days ago
@judy | Play server 1 the choose 720 and 360
judy 102 days ago
why there are no 360p and 720p option anymore?
meis 266 days ago
The dates are wrong. You should replace them with ep number.
Admin 295 days ago
We fix shortly, pls wait, thanks for report!
Tan kent Dek 295 days ago
No working
kenny 514 days ago
Why all of this prompt me to the ads.I can't see any of the big boy club and some episodes is skip like 2015-10-22,15/10,07/10,23/09 and many more.
theng 541 days ago
Thank you so much!! really thank you
Admin 541 days ago
Pls ! try again ep 29. Thanks
theng 541 days ago
Why the episodes for big boys club in 30th and 29th of September are the same? May I know where can I watch the actual episode for 29th September? Thank you.
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